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What It Is & What It Could Be

Who am I? Why am I here? Where do I come from? What is my purpose? When will I return? Whom I am to meet? How do I define myself? My mind carries these questions along, unsolved and unanswered, wherever I go. I seek answers in the bracket of faith, in the bucket of secularism, in the alleys of literature, in the court of science, in the closet of tradition, in the herm of mysticism, in the castles of history and in the field of the wanderers. For believers among us, such questions are encircled by the strict rules of organized religions. They avoid entering into the net of these questions and scientists on the other hand emphasize on supposed theories. We all try to hold on to the answers we were raised to believe. I, however, have created a window through the wall of scientific and clerical scriptures. I try my best to translate the traditional tales in today’s meanings and mostly I see vague and vacant impressions of myth and mystery. So I study my surroundings. I compare myself with fellow life-holders of this planet. The more I examine, the more questions arise. At face value, I find a few shabby pieces of evidence here and there.

One thing that persuades me is that I am not a natural inhabitant of planet earth. I come from somewhere else. Initially I would argue that my own skin is not designed to protect me from the earthly environment. I need external support in order to survive the ever rotating weathers of this adobe although evolutionists suggest otherwise. Additionally, all non human inhabitants do not require artificial assistance to survive the climatic vigor. Furthermore, I am distinctly different with regards to my actions, thoughts, and surroundings. One can easily differentiate a human house and an animal dwelling. Humans make changes at the place they live in, even if it is a cave. They improve and rearrange the environment accordingly. The pollution around us is the strongest evidence and our inventions are the brightest proof.

The search for the answers of these questions have led us to our present palisade. We are exploring our bodies, our universe, our cosmos. We are creating clouds of science and arts. We are approaching distances where no one has gone before and no one has dared to reach out to us. Our inbuilt inquisition, our ability to comprehend, our understanding of universal language, mathematics and industrious resolve has led us to fly out in search. in pursuit of the index finger raised by our forefathers towards the skies, we are riding rockets, meditating at Himalayan tops, ringing bells, calling for prayers, and sticking to our microscopes to discover what they were pointing at. What is up there? We will keep trying to find out. I’m doing so in my humble way.

When obsession possesses a mind, wisdom rests. Once devotion dwells in a heart, hope ‘homes’ in it. When determination bakes in the brain, destiny changes. If aspiration becomes your mate, dreams start to come true. When bravery begins to lead, the destination starts walking towards the traveler. Aim is half of deed and the first step is half of the journey. Only those who take off, reach. Sitters would not watch what’s on the way. Cowards can not tell the taste of victory. Sinners don’t exhibit the aroma of the pious and the rich do not know the trouble of the poor.

Life is mortal but phoenix in a sense. It continues in steps through its reproductive properties. One breeds another on and on. Life is finite individually but infinite collectively. Soul is sole but it confounds the whole, the divinity.

Is life a journey? Is it a trip? Is it a voyage? Is it a pause or a destination? Most of us on the road of life are deaf, blind and mute. We are here just because we are not somewhere else. Travelers without a destination, passengers without direction. One way to go through life is to think, to question and to reason. The other way is to listen, to obey, and to believe. Questions however, remain.


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Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Wanderer



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Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
16 août 2020

Meandering questions... meandering style...meandering conclusion.... Eternal inventory of desire to know to find to (per chance) come across an answer which would rid us of all questions. Blogger for the first time has successfully transcended his stylized

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