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Namli Maria Waterfalls

“Soul, a moving river.

Body, the riverbed.”


In the heart of Nathiagali, Galiyat, Abbottabat there is a landscape sculpted by the artistry of the elements. Where the earth whispers ancient secrets through the rustling grass, time seems to pause, and nature composes its most heartfelt symphony. This is a scene where the power of water, grandeur of the pines, cedar, oak walnut, maple trees, and the gentleness of flowers collide in a beautiful paradox. A place that instigates romantic tales. It spins the threads of nature’s finest moments.

A cascade of pristine waters tumbles down with a grace that belies its strength, a waterfall that has danced through the ages, carving its story into the stoic rock. It’s a ballet of relentless motion, a rush of white foam that fills the air with the sweet music of flowing water. The vibrant green blankets the landscape that stretches up to the tops of a series of mountains. The colossal guardians touch clouds eight thousand feet above.

“Your fragrance is always with me.”


At the foot of this tall waterfall, where the mist kisses the earth, there blooms a cluster of delicate flowers. The aroma of daisies, clematis, himalayan indigos, and many more that I don’t recognize add to the scents.They are like drops of sunlight captured in petals, their buttery yellows a stark, joyful contrast to the deep grays and lush greens that dominate the scene. These flowers are not just mere spectators to the majesty of the waterfall; they are an integral part of the landscape, a gentle reminder of the softness that exists even in the midst of such raw power. They whisper of love’s tender touch amidst the grandeur of passion, of the small moments that are easily overlooked but are, in essence, the foundation of all that is beautiful and enduring. On top of that, the momentary breeze loaded with the perfume of the self-grown cannabis like shrubs, instigates you to sit on a stone and take a deep breath. Although it is not intoxicating, nothing stops you from taking an imaginary trip. 

As the waterfall sings its eternal song, it seems to perform just for these blooms, showering them with a spray that makes their petals glisten like stars on the earth. The flowers, in turn, offer their sweet fragrance to the breeze, a gift to the water that enlivens them. This is a dance of give and take, a balance between the forces of nature that is both inspiring and humbling.

The couples who wander to this spot, hands entwined and hearts beating in unison, the flowers serve them as a symbol of their own blossoming relationship. Each petal represents the layers of their bond, the experiences shared, and the growth yet to come. The water’s strength mirrors the courage it takes to love, to open one’s heart fully to another, and the mountain’s stature echoes the steadfastness of true companionship.

In this serene corner of the world, love finds a mirror in the wild. The flowers do not simply grow; they thrive because of the waterfall’s might, just as love flourishes with the challenges and triumphs shared between two souls. To witness such a scene is to see the poetry of the universe laid bare, a sonnet of water, stone, and bloom that sings of the enduring legacy of romance.

As the day wanes and the sky dresses in hues of twilight, the flowers seem to hold the last light within their petals, a beacon for lovers and dreamers alike. And there, in the embrace of nature’s grandeur, the language of love is spoken without words, in the silent understanding between the bloom and the fall, in the tranquil beauty of this secluded haven where the flowers dance softly to the symphony of the waterfall.


Galiyat Development Authority 


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Iftikhar Choudry
Iftikhar Choudry
Mar 07

What a beauty. Wonderful


Mar 06

Wow, what a place…..Added to the bucket list

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