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Whispers of Winter

“I am a mountain. You call, I echo.”


In the heart of winter, when the days shrink and the nights freeze, still in the outdoors lies a beauty so profound yet often overlooked. It’s on a quiet fairway, nestled between a gentle hill and a tranquil lake, where the sky opens up in a grand display of colors, reminding us of the poetry that exists in nature’s simplest forms. There, in the lap of Sunset Valley Golf Course, our journey begins on a winter afternoon that whispers tales of serenity and reflection.

The sky, a canvas of the gods, stretches wide and far above. In the arms of the afternoon, it's a masterpiece of blues and purples, colors blending in a dance that celebrates the closing of a day. The setting sun, in its final act of splendor, paints the horizon with strokes of orange and red, a fiery contrast to the coolness of the season. It's as though the heavens are reaching down, gracing the earth with warmth.

“The sky is a dome of sweet, endless blue.”

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Below this celestial mural lies the hill, an ancient guardian watching over the landscape. Its slopes, covered with leafless trees, kissing the moving clouds, creating a scene of untouched purity. The hill stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of the natural world, unyielding and majestic.

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”

 Emily Brontë.

Adjacent to the hill, the lake mirrors the sky, capturing the heavens' beauty in its still waters. It is a silent observer, a body of tranquility amidst the chill of winter. The lake, with its icy surface, reflects the world's beauty above, creating a symphony of light and color that mesmerizes and calms the soul.

And then, there are the golfers, tiny figures against the vastness of this landscape, adding a touch of life to the otherwise still winter scene. They move with a quiet determination, their swings rhythmic and smooth, each stroke in harmony with nature. These game enthusiasts find solace in the fairway, a respite from the hustle of everyday life. In their presence, the course comes alive, a playground for those who seek joy in the simplicity of a well-played game.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

John Muir.

This winter afternoon on the fairway is more than just a moment in time; it’s a celebration of life and the enduring beauty of nature. It’s a scene that inspires poets and artists, a spectacle that captivates the heart and soothes the soul. In the quiet, in the cold, there is a warmth that emanates from the earth, a reminder of the enduring beauty that surrounds us.

As the day comes to a close and the shadows grow longer, the sky, the hill, the lake, and the fairway merge into a single, breathtaking panorama. It’s a scene that stays with us, a memory etched in our hearts, a reminder of the beauty that lies in the quiet, often overlooked moments of life. In this winter landscape, we find a peace that surpasses understanding, a joy that lingers long after the sun has set.


“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Ahsan Jamil 

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