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Rising to the Occasion

Updated: Mar 21

“Your light is more magnificent than the sunrise.”


The first blush of dawn kisses the sky, and PAF Skyview Golf Course Lahore awakens to the promise of a new day. The sun, a fiery chalice of light, spills its golden essence across the tranquil grounds, painting every dewdrop and blade of grass with a luminous sheen.

The horizon, a shade of soft pinks and warm yellows, heralds the morning with a quiet majesty, whispering the birth of possibilities. The night's slumber lifts gently, unveiling the course in all its glory a landscape meticulously sculpted to mirror the contours of nature herself.

Here, the fairways stretch towards the horizon, a vibrant green carpet unfurling beneath the sun's burgeoning glow. Each rolling hill and gentle slope, a testament to the artistry of design, complements the natural beauty that cradles this verdant haven.

“A night can never defeat a sunrise.”

Sumit Sharma

Silhouettes of early risers, the day's first golfers, emerge against the pastel sky, their forms casting elongated shadows that dance rhythmically to the cadence of the rising sun. The tranquil waters on the course, now aglow, ripple softly as if to celebrate the morning’s arrival, reflecting the nascent light like a mirror to the heavens.

This is a place where the pulse of the earth can be felt with every tee-off, where the symphony of life is played in the whispers of the wind, the rustle of leaves, and the distant chirp of awakening birds. As dawn unfurls its golden banners over the course, each moment is a silent ode to the beauty of beginnings, to the eternal cycle of night to day, of endings to fresh starts.

As the day burgeons, the air fills with the scent of fresh grass, a crispness that invigorates the soul. It's a sacred hour at PAF Skyview, where the serenity of nature’s morning rhapsody becomes a backdrop to the strokes and strides of those who walk its paths, a reminder that every day holds the promise of a new stroke, a fresh shot, a chance to play once more under the vast, embracing sky.


PAF Skyview Golf Club 



Athar Ahmad

Eyaz Riaz


Ahsan Jamil 

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer, Rebel. 


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Iftikhar Choudry
Iftikhar Choudry
Mar 21

Lahore is beautiful.

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