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Those Who Lose It

Success is the most sought after commodity in all ages. It is a part of everyone who walks through the path of life. People live and die for it. Most of the hands that are held up for prayers, most of the eyes that rise towards skies, most of the hearts that beat for a wish, most minds that tabolate neurons, and most of the physical practice in the arena of struggle, seek success. What is success? It varies from person to person. Success brings power and power, unveils the true colors of human nature. Some fail trying to climb the tower of success and some fail when they reach the top.

In the series of success, the most commonly renowned are wealth, glory and fame. Nothing beats success that draws fans. A fortune that crowds people is considered number 1 on the victory stand in the stadium of triumph. Thereon, some return to the ground and others begin to walk in the air. Few keep the equilibrium, many lose balance. Arrogance, opulence, vanity, tympany and self-conceit accompany them to the podium they stand on. The wise do not succumb to such temptations; instead, they choose the promenade of gratitude, humbleness, patience, moderation and composure.

Successful people are rightfully called stars in our society. I also respect these stars that twinkle around me. The one who doesn’t respect a successful person is hubris in my eyes. However admirers should refrain from loving stars who assume themselves as the sun. Those who no longer remain on the ground try to fly on the wings of conceit. Amour propre always reveals stature. Not all stars carry the digestion of public acclaim and those who do are the true heroes.

When a person rides the horse of pomposity that wears the saddle of egotism one must leave the welcome queue formed by fans and amble away waving a good will gesture to both the star and the fans.

If we ever travel thousands of light years to a planet inhabited by intelligent life, let’s just make patterns in their crops and leave.”

-Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Popularity is a bird. Anything with wings will relocate anytime. Gratefulness is a scissor. If you want a bird of fame to stay in your yard forever, keep cutting its wings with the blade of gratitude. Fame is the dust that flies off the tyres of the cart of attention that you are riding on. It will settle soon after your departure. Not all roads are unpaved and all rides are not dusty. The rain of circumstances can fall anytime and your cart can get stuck in the mud made of the same dust that you were proud to stir up. The jubilant tumult can convert into dejected clamour anytime.

The successful work day and night. Weeks after weeks, untiringly working odd jobs at odd hours just to follow their passion. They crave for acceptance, then for admiration and later for popularity. Once they get to the spotlight and the camera flashes, they try to hide from the very audience they were hungry to create. Lines are formed behind the boundary ropes and glossy windows. They avoid signing autographs for the same enthusiasts they were praying to find. They hire armed guards as a deterrent to keep them at bay. Stars begin to give contaminated smiles and adulterated waves to the fans. Even then, followers ignore insults & misbehavior just to have a peek at their heroes.

Being a success story requires an effort from the heart and being a fan takes passion. When the successful tries to take his audience for granted, their passion begins to shrink. Mere misconduct or arrogant behaviour usually turns the stanchest of fans away. Immodesty is the first sign of upcoming downfall. The energy between a follower and the followed is built on the pillars of emotion. One missing brick can collapse the whole castle. The relations that are based upon ardour are kept close to the heart. The stars shine down regularly and there are always new ones emerging from the very fall of the setting ones. The falling star leaves marks of opportunity in its stardust for the newcomers. In the business of stardom; I mean, in the celestial world, shining and dimming is a matter of routine and order of the day. Weathers are supposed to change and suns rise to set.

Popularity based stars set at the hands of their fans. At the avenue of their arrogance and at the roundabout of their short stature and narrow sightedness.


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Ahsan Jamil

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Nov 21, 2020

That’s correct analysis of dip in performance of a keen sportsman. As concluded through your research, ‘Inspiration coupled with favouring wind’ remain the key factors in getting back on track. However, you may Only need some hitting at Range to get back on Fairs from Bunkers🤗

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