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The Essence

“Your own essence is your wealth.”


If you look closely, you can see the intricacy of the world. In the great game of nature, everything has a purpose and we certainly have one of our own. Where the snow carries a cloud inside, and the sun burns in its own flame. The sea longs for drinking water, clouds cry to walk on the soil, gold loves a pretty neck, bread awaits the hungry. Where love searches for pure hearts and fragrances like sensational noses. Hay does not bear fruit. Plastic flowers have no scent and blank papers don’t make books, greed has no limits and time doesn't stop. What stops is a heart and breath comes no more. Clouds drain out and a day reaches its end. The sweet smells are brief and the odor lasts longer. Wind shifts directions and highways change routes. Paths take turns and birds make dives. Fish gulps fish and time devours life. Pilots fly planes and helms steer ships. Deers run fast and turtles crawl slow. The bells summon the faithful and the lighthouse guides marines. Ink is a liquid but a pen makes it meaningful. Deserts are dry and barren but they help form clouds. Is it all a great design? If so, what is in it for me? Why am I running the routine?

Fantasy is sketchy but it opens minds. The wish boat seldom floats. The berms of the river of reality are thin and thorny. They are sweaty and slippery. Its waves need flaps of determination and rowing with the will. Wishing alone isn’t enough. Dreams come true through hard work. I wonder if I am wishing or working?

I work hard to have money and to enjoy its perks. But I can’t help but wonder, am I here to feed my bank account? Am I here to fatten my wallet? Am I leading a life that makes a profit? Is that the real wealth that sits in my bank account or is love the true currency? I may be running after the wrong notes. I know money makes the mare go. But where is the filly going? Are we riding the right horse?


It is no secret that humans of the present era are completely galvanized by materialism. Our standards of success, glory, and nobility are measured by our finances and earnings. Commercialism has taken deep roots in our lives. We have daggered our souls and spirits with the respective regional currencies. Today’s humans gallop into gyms and beauty salons to shape their physical appearances. They have become fashion freaks. Nothing wrong with being healthy, toned, and looking presentable. But are good looks everything? Shouldn’t people divert their attention to character development and soul searching? Capitalism has done a great service to human progress. Logically, capital has transformed human behavior, converting it into an instrument of a great profit-making establishment. Nothing indecent about making some bucks. But when do we draw the line?

No doubt we need money, but how much is enough? Humans are complicated beings that are assembled with many parts, material security being a prime one. Though is a fundamental right of each and every living being, is it everything? We are living in a world, where all essential material that we need for our basic survival is being manipulated by commercial entities that are designed to control and command us. It is clear beyond doubts that we must work, we must earn and we must contribute. Are we made to do that roped by the web of economic dragons? We aren’t machines, we are human beings. The best of all the other living beings. We are known for our critical and creative thinking, communication, chivalry, civility, caring, and collaboration. Decency, empathy, sharing, sacrifice, and responsibility are our true ingredients. Should we ignore and disregard our souls for petty material gains? Not at all. We have been nourishing our bodies without compromising our souls from the beginning. We will keep on doing so. The chain of today’s commerce is nothing but a modern cage. We will curb this materialism before it detains us. We have been enslaved before, we learn sooner or later how to untrap. Humans will sink even the most powerful Pharaohs in the Niles of their freedom, doesn’t matter whatever form they adopt. Ours is a free spirit and free it remains. Hope we can remember that when we look at the grand design of the world and the part we choose to play in it.

What’s ‘worldly stuff’ you ask?

Well, it’s not goods and merchandise, money, wife and children.

It’s rather being out of touch with our true nature.

Water inside the boat sinks it. Water underneath the boat supports it.”






Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, Photographer



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Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan

Wonder if Blog hss any thing to do withبےلاگ۔۔۔..water is important under the boat....but it is equally needed down the throat....Carry on Sir.

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