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Neighborhood of The Milky Way

The night is dark, the moon is missing, stars rule the sky tonight, and the Milky Way glitters in full.  When I bring my eyes back to earth, another constellation sits in my neighborhood as well. As a matter of fact, I am a part of this twinkling world at the moment. This is a hilltop village of the world famous Bhurban valley at 6500 ft. above sea level, called “ Aliyot.” The spread out lights coming from houses on the surrounding hills multiply this place with the shining stars. One can easily call it the man-made Milky Way on hillsides. 

Pine Court is an exclusive summer resort. This is a destination of the elite and affluent. I am nothing of the sort but through the courtesy of the chief executive of this expensive enterprise  I enjoy the perks of a five star guest gracing the presidential suite. The seat at the terrace restaurant is a chair among the stars that dominate the atmosphere from all angles. What a wonderful spot to appreciate the clear and open sky loaded with fixed luminous points. An emporium of scenes, snacks and sustenances. I disagree with the choice of restaurant furniture but who has time to care for a cane chair when there is so much to see out there. 

This is a hidden jewel on the top of a magnificent mountain. The bird's eye view of the valleys below, constant cold temperature, breeze full of daisy scent and perfume of sanobar cones, waves of tall pine trees and frequency of clouds and mist add a blend of heaven to this piece of grandeur. The architecture and interior of the chalets has a class. This unique summer abode sits on a triangle of geography. Mountains on the East represent Kashmir, hills on the west constitute Galliat and in itself it stands for Bhurban valley. Scenes change here like in a movie. Marvel of the morning here is a cradle of blessings, the warmth of noon is a statement of strength, afternoons are melodic and evenings are romantic, nights dance here to the rhythm of celestial tunes. If earth was a painting drawn by the brush of nature Aliyot was the canvas. Tranquility of this hill is paradisiacal. Peace here touches a delicate mind and the ambiance is mystically lyrical. 

A brief stay at this particular facility has untapped some new faculties of my soul tonight. I tune myself to the calm and let all the anxieties exhaust and expire. Once the slate of the old thoughts is wiped clean, new ones breed in and that’s what is called a fresh start. 

Remember, the entrance door to the  

 sanctuary is inside you.”

  • Rumi

In order to take a fresh start we must find a place, a person, a book or a task that would ignite our budding capacities. A seed carries cotyledons  within all it needs is germinative conditions. Yes Pine Court provides the soul with that environment. 

Good luck friends! You may find the opportunity soon to rediscover yourself and take a fresh start. May these celestial and hillside Milky Ways illuminate the candle that you are carrying within you. Your soul may twinkle to spread the light of peace and tranquility. 

Those who light up others burn themselves and those who burn in the fire of wisdom become the torch towers of enlightenment. 





Pine Court


Ahsan Jamil 

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer 



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1 Comment

Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
Oct 11, 2020

Illuminating... anyway...I expected some reflections on Noble prize winners who have tracked down a massive Black Hole right in the heart of Milky way.... Is it every Black Hole has a Milky way in its lap...or every Milky way has a Black Hole nearby.... Only He knows.

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