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Just the Two of Them

“Reason is powerless in the expression of love.”


A couple of pigeons sat on the v shaped stem on the top of a tree. I guess they appreciated the warmth of an April morning. My tee shot landed behind that tree in the rough. I got there to plan my approach shot from the rough near that tree. The sun on the other hand tried to complement us all supportively. I didn’t want to take that shot since it was going to interrupt those lovers with gray wings. I didn’t know their language, but their gestures expressed their adoration for each other.

They chose a great venue to share their morning sitting, but my ball sat on a difficult lie. Since two is a company and three is a crowd, relieving my dilemma, they decided to take off. Lovers don't like sticks and stones. I didn’t take a shot till they flew away. The wait was worth it. One should never disturb paramours since nothing is more valuable than love. The presence of love at that avenue seemed more important than my match winning shot.

People don’t make matches very often. If they do, they seldom last. Mostly, they end up as mismatches. Winning a routine golf match should not have broken that beautiful match the pigeons had made for themselves.

They have already made the birdie that I was intending to make. Easier said than done. Neither everyone finds a perfect partner in life nor every shot leads to victory. We must respect those who are lucky enough to hold each other’s hands in harmony or those who fly together in complete synchronization. Love finds them all, lovely pigeons in the picture above or notorious vultures in the picture below.

Love makes all of them beautiful. It brings and keeps them together. A couple always looks prettier than the lonely.

I must bring your attention to another picture below. There is a dry and detached leaf that clings on to another stem of the tree. As if it doesn’t want to depart. Look how being together is important to this dead leaf. How can I measure the amount of love of a leaf who deplores disconnection, despite being dead and doomed.

You must be wondering how in the world do I notice all these things during a game as demanding as golf.

Golf requires immediate attention, and love can wait for forever. And golf courses always offer much more. From flora and fauna to spirit and soul. From laughter and tears to patience and tolerance. Love rules God’s earth. I am not the only culprit who appreciates lovers, there are others, crazier than I am.

My cousin, teammate, and a friend, Eyaz Riaz, is one of them. He captured the two lovers riding on the lily at Lahore Garrison Golf & Country Club. This couple of fireflies sought the light of love in the lap of a bindweed, morning glory, (convolvulus). Love neither needs wings to fly nor does it require bones to stand up. It is present everywhere, in a leaf, a petal, a heartbeat, and a dream. It just shines like sun rays, perfumes like jasmine, floats like water, and enlivens like breeze.

“Be foolishly in love, because love is all there is.”


Blissful Mind




Eyaz Riaz


Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer, Rebel.



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2021년 5월 08일

Bill & Melinda Gates were just two of them, alone & then....indeed, reason is powerless in expression .....

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