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Drives in Daytona

“Some human beings are safe havens. Be companions with them.”


Although I don’t know the language of the birds yet, there is no better place than the LPGA International golf course to learn it. An orchestra of chirping followed by the hammering of woodpeckers entwines my heart and soul then and there. Waves of enlightening melody and currents of soothing rhythm invite my intellect to create lyrics for the environment. All of a sudden, my flight mate in this round points out a couple of red-winged blackbirds. The amazing color scheme at their shoulders reminds me of the epaulettes of the pilots. The captains flew away as I was taking their pics. I can guess they didn’t like the liberty I took to capture their happy moments.

Golf doesn't like diverted attention and the next shank tried to remind me that I was there for the game and not for the concert of the wing flappers.

As I was getting fully involved in the game again, my other flight mate, knowing my deep interest in nature, showed me a couple of red cardinals. Wow, Florida’s residents are so colorful! As my eyes were trailing the flight of a red cardinal over the lake, I couldn’t move them any further. I could feel a current of horror running through my spine when I saw two big eyes gradually but mysteriously floating toward me in the neighboring swamp. My legs were frozen for a few seconds and I wasn’t interested in the tee box anymore. The presence of an alligator so close to me challenged my love for nature within seconds. On the other hand, Floridians paid no heed to the swamp monster. Many things grow with us as we are brought up in a society. This brief encounter with the alligators of Daytona Beach golf course stayed with me throughout my second round on Hills Course as well. Our own fears live and die with us throughout our life spans.

The famous golf course adds something to my game as well. Although I am playing with rental clubs, I am amazed by my own game.

I am used to playing with different clubs on different courses in different weather among different cultures. This morning, the whole course was working together to make me play better. The curvilinear coordinates of the fairways, Washingtonia robustas (Mexican fan palms, vascular plants like ferns), saw palmettos, the snake-shaped wooden bridges, not to mention the encouraging attitude of my flight mates all improved my game. We all made birdies one after another. Of course the short par three also helped. The company was even greater than all things put together.

How can I ever forget my arrival at Daytona Beach, Florida? A cherished childhood friend came to collect me from the airport. Nature appreciates in its own way when two sincere people meet, therefore it arranged a cool breeze and a mesmerising rainbow to accompany us as we cruised through the newly built expressway. How else can a city welcome you better?

“Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

A walk on Daytona Beach Shores, the boardwalk, the crowd at the pier, breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe, lunch at Aunt Catfish’s On The River, supper at Crabby’s Oceanside, cruising by the Daytona 500 arena on Daytona International Speedway Boulevard, a drive on the beach in a convertible BMW-8, in the company of a very dear childhood friend, jamming on Bon Jovi & Laura Brannigan - it was a party. On top of that, I was under the care of my son during the whole trip. The old man had it all.


Ahsan Jamil

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Enjoyed reading the blog which carried vide interests from birds to alligator to golf to a walk on Daytona Beach Shores & the rest of the activities with your childhood friend. Last but not the least the company of your son is a cherry on the cake….

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