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Cry of a Current

“Success is in the journey, but reward is the view from the top.”

Larry Stevens

In the wide world of a wild ocean a cunning current cherishes the openness of it all. A burning star in the bright sky invites the water of the current to evaporate and join a wider world up there. Melodious air runs in between and offers the vapor a ride on its wings. Intoxicated by the heat, fumes of water join the wind and blow away to the skies. Sky, who is the writer of destiny, parks that gasified drop of water among millions of others like it, called clouds. Clouds then travel to destinations unknown. Only the wind knows the way. Somewhere thirsty earth longs for the substance of those clouds and air blows to facilitate it. Yet the vapor thinks it was on its way to the skies. Temperature up there is lower than the ocean. Cold vapor is unable to cross over and it returns to become a drop again, this time a raindrop.

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”


The raindrops fall back to the earth. Some reunite with sea water. Others land somewhere on the thirsty soil. Those who fall on sea rejoice and rejuvenate through their reunions. Others who fall on the land meet different fates. It’s not an easy journey ahead for them. Everything they touch desperately needs them for their own survival. These drops are a lifeline for so many. A drop of water is so valuable on the land that it is amazed by its vital role. Its significance multiplies and the value of its existence soars.

A drop of water is a seed of life on land.

The soil sings for the arrival of clouds and seeds in the grounds worship for the rains. All flora and fauna celebrate rains and so do the skies. Rain may be a flute of the angels and the rainbow proves that heaven exists. Flower or thorn, rain knows no discrimination, it falls on all. Not all drops enjoy becoming a current of an ocean again. Some become creeks and others run as rivers. A few float in tubs and some current in creeks. Some begin to stink in gutters and some sit in marshes. Many irrigate crops and some nourish aquatic plants.

Not all who come to earth lead the same life. On this planet every one meets their own fate. And what is fate but one’s placement here on the globe. They call it existence, I call it destiny. They call it life, I call it time. I wonder what existence on earth is other than the state of mind. Drop or leaf, breeze or ray of sun, breath of life or fragrance of a flower, everything on this planet is just a brief journey. Lucky are those who find a peaceful path. And what is peace again? A state of mind. A dewdrop sitting on a rose petal wonders, what did I do to deserve such a great existence? And cries a current in gratitude to be back in the ocean once again.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”



Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer, Rebel.



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1 Comment

Apr 23, 2022

Amazing weaving of thought web. Reality of life beautifully explained through creativity of mind and nicely articulated selection of words. Well done👏🏻

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