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A Parable of the Golf Ball

“I am the dust in the sunlight,

I am the ball of the sun . . .

I am the mist of morning,

the breath of evening . . . .

I am the spark in the stone,

the gleam of gold in the metal . . . .

The rose and the nightingale

drunk with its fragrance.

I am the chain of being,

the circle of the spheres,

The scale of creation,

the rise and the fall.

I am what is and is not . . .

I am the soul in all.”


I dwell amongst the pockets of branded golf pants and kits. I travel from my birthplace, wrapped in a beautiful box, to the decorated racks of glittering golf shops. It needs expertise to make me, and I am expensive to buy. I start from a specially raised area called a tee box and take off from the top of a tee. They clean me before playing and use expensive sticks to make me fly. They raise colorful flags at my posts and make treated round greens for my arrival. I may be small, but I roll with the mighty. The most important people like kings, presidents, army generals, CEOs, doctors, astronauts, religious figures etc. follow me wherever I go. Mr. Donald Trump relaxes in my company.

Nicole Kidman is my friend and Michael Jordan adores me.

They get concerned when I am not in sight. Some even take off their shoes and socks, pursuing me into the water. They make expensive playgrounds, decorated with flower beds and beautiful trees. They wear special attire in my honor. Some get intoxicated, while others practice for hours just to perform better in my presence.

I have my own glossary and rules. I can punish, and I can reward. I can deny, and I can nod. I can disappear before your eyes, and I can be visible from the rough. I can make careers, and I can relinquish the crowns. I can hurt those who come in my way, and I can spare one from injury. I can crawl although I don’t have knees. I can walk despite being foot less. I run without shoes, and I don’t need wings to fly. I may remain faithful, and no one can stop me from infidelity. It is impossible to bridle me, and no one knows how to tame me. I do what I like. And I love to make people come after me. I can glorify beginners with a hole in one, and I can nail Tiger Woods to make four putts.

I am a golf ball. No matter if I’m stained with mud or water, I will behave the way I always do. The hairy tennis ball is jealous of my glowing skin. Whereas smelly cricket balls envy my dimples. That fat soccer ball is always scared of losing its air. The oversized basketball is a loner. I travel in a caravan and live with my siblings. I innately fly while hiding is my habit. I am not scared of going through water although I don’t know how to swim. I can drown, but water can’t kill me. I don’t like to work with cowards, and I love the brave.

“Fear makes a bear bigger than he is”

German proverb

I admire those who make divots to please me since it proves I have been there. I punish people who lack concentration. I like eye to eye contact although I lack eyes and brows. I absolutely hate divided attention and carefree attitude. If you will pay attention to me, I will do as you say. You know, paying each other some attention is all that matters.

“Take your attention off the forms and focus on what is inside.”


To be continued.




Lahore Garrison GCC

Images: Eyaz Riaz

Mr. Sarim Z. Khan (Edit & Narration.)


Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer, Rebel.



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