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Wake Up Call

I golf daily, starting my day at dawn and I am frequently done with nine holes of golf around six o’clock in the morning. There are other early birds out there who leave their tracks on the dew and sing along the morning chirpers. I call them mist miners. How can I invocate the consecration of early morning to the sleep lovers? Its graces are countless and it has enormous rewards.

This week I have skipped golf four times due to some indispensable reasons. This article is about the side effects of sleeping through the morning and skipping regular exercise especially endeared rituals like early morning golf.

We miss out on many things when we wake up late. Spending a couple of hours early in the morning while condensation embraces the sleepy grass and clean air roams around the field like a morning alarm. The air quality app showing the index at healthy levels. When stars are too tired to shine anymore and the sun is still yawning. When birds begin to sing and mosquitoes are ready to retire. When day is about to break the shackles of a dark night. When roads begin to receive the impatient traffic and street lights wear out of beams. When light appears and darkness decides to move on. Morning joggers are tying their laces and sweep tractors are returning home. When divinity lowers arms to shower graces and blessings begin to bestow upon the awake. Anyone who is up and running at this time is doing nothing less than worship. It is a time when buds bloom and leaves grow. In moments like these fates change, destiny is rewritten, prayers are accepted and eyeglasses rime. One can rise before the sun to set late.

“The best way to make your dream come true is to wake up.”

- Paul Valery

Sleeping during mornings has its own prizes. Beds soar to the heights of heavens and blankets provide angelic hugs. Pillows become the lap of fairies and the sleeper transcends into a state of nirvana. Morning sleep is homily absorbing and heavenly zenic. The xenia of early morning snores surpasses any addiction and surmounts all kinds of intoxicating spirits to the extent that some people make it a mission to avoid waking up early at all costs. It takes a tank of will to get anyone up from this sort of paradise. Some have the determination mightier than cranes and stronger than all chains. Such is the resolve of an early riser that rouses him up from the bliss of his cozy quilt.

Johnny on the spot mostly beats the second sleeper in the game of life. Early rising and sleeping late are poles apart. Golfer’s mornings and sleeper’s dreams are antonyms. Staying awake is staying alive. Sleeping more is living less.

The invention of electricity and the internet have reduced the might of night and force of darkness. Most people, especially youth, like to stay up late. Nights of the present age have delights of their own. Many of the cities like London, New York, Cairo and Mumbai are known as cities that never sleep. Availability of all night trains, television, movies, night clubs, flood light matches, round the clock restaurant delivery and 24/7 fast food drive through, contributed tons to nightlife. Thus very few have time to celebrate the glory of dawn and the grace of early mornings. Even though many people wake up early, however most of them have miles to go to their jobs. They do get a glimpse of the awesome views of a fresh morning from the windows of the homes, trains, buses and cars. As a matter of fact that they do not stop to appreciate the prestige of the morning rather they join the stressful race to reach their offices on time. Unwise are those who have the luxury to enjoy such hours but still manage not to.

We are among the few lucky ones who can afford quality time in the arms of an early morning breeze. A round of golf at that time multiplies the elegance. I am so grateful and obliged to avail that extravagance. Morning time is adorably mesmerizing and breathtaking that once we develop a taste for it we would crave for more. The fragrance, the gleam, and the radiance of the day break is unexplainably unique. Morning hour is an aorta in the tunnel of time. It is distinctly soulful and vividly incarnative.






Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Wanderer


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Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
10. Aug. 2020

Morning glory gloriously glorified... Every day every Muslim is reminded that Early Rising (prayer)is better than sleeping. ...I however have a feeling that there exists a craving if not yearning with the blogger to get lost in day sleep....

Gefällt mir
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