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The Wings of Love

It begins with a glance and ends in tears. It rises from waiting and leads to longing. Once the eyes meet, the calm departs. When beauty arrives through one door, the heart leaves through the other. When love lands in the valley of a heart’s chamber, the magic echoes in the mountains of existence. The nights begin to sing and the stars break into a dance. The moon initiates intimacy and the wind becomes the bearer of love letters. Dreams dominate the days and mornings become mischievous. Love is the land of hallucination and the sea of daydreams. Lovers’ reasoning begins to shrink and their faith tends to expand. The bells of love ring in silence and the beat of the heart grows louder. Hope swells taller and fear dissipates. Pain attains panacea and suffering promotes patience. 

Why people fall in love is an enigma, while the path of hatred has thousands of excuses. Hatred narrows a mind and love opens hearts. Love seeks blessings and hatred breeds jealousy. Love opens chapters of sacrifice and hatred dismantles integrity. Love builds couples and hatred crumbles marriages. Love evokes negotiation and hatred wages wars. Love ushers the gift of life and death is the offspring of hatred. Love heals while hate wounds. Love breeds babies while hate  gives way to funerals. 

Love at times is nothing short of a miracle, if not a welcome gift from the universe. Love touches the souls of lovers and ignites their passions. It plunges the recipients towards an inebriated journey to destinations unknown and paths unwalked. 

Love leads to humbleness. It grooms patience, blossoms beauty, and heals wounds. It is the only sensation that melts iron hearts, and allows one to embrace empathy. Love is the ultimate cleanser of closed minds, and allows one to reach the epitome of truth. Love must be revered for its ability to bring to attention the ignored, for allowing hearts to open up to those who have otherwise been neglected or rejected. Love is the promise of being held during a fall or a fail. Love enlightens the ignorant, and brightens the corroded. Love awakens the unspirited. Love is the rewriter of destiny, the reinforcer of candour, and the rekindler of passions. Love revives sincerity, and multiplies feelings. It reinforces dignity and allows one to step into divinity. 

On the path of love we find flowers, fragrance, farries, fruits, fun, frankness, freedom, flourishment, and freshness in the midst of sharp stones, harsh deserts, wet prairies, and scorching heat. Love rides on hope and flies with faith. It caresses our spirits and cuddles us closely. It distributes happiness and spreads serenity.

“And happiness is something that multiplies when it is divided.” — Paulo Coelho

Once the truth of love begins to speak, the remaining facts of life go silent. Socrates did not drink the bowl of hemlock merely for truth. Rather, he drank it for the love of truth. Love sometimes kills people like Socrates and sometimes it saves thrones. Cleopatra, one woman who nearly destroyed two civilisations, conquered the hearts of invaders through love. Love of American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson makes Edward VIII abdicate the throne of England. Love fertilizes the barren fields of rugged minds and irrigates the dry gardens of empty spirits.  

Love brings followers out of their dogmatic slumber and introduces them to purity. 

Love is a strange phenomenon. I don’t know whether it gives or takes. I can not say whether it makes or breaks. But surely it changes a person completely, if not irreversibly. Many lovers that I have come across eventually ascended the ladder of ingenuity. Most artists, painters, poets, singers, writers, and warriors soar to the heights of creativity only when they passionately fall in love with someone or with their own work. Love broadens one's vision and deepens a lover’s horizons. It teaches us to become introspective towards the many wonderful aspects of life around us. And perhaps more importantly, it is poignant in its ability to be the most authentic ambassador of peace and harmony in this world. 





Soul in the words


Ahsan Jamil 

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer 



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Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
09 Ara 2020

Zero is nowhere welcome...hence this comment.Love is blind... Justice is also blind... blindness (if properly understood) is being singularly focussed...a Judge has to focus on issues...a Lover remains focussed on his love.. recently the word Chemistry has been successful in finding a place in Love n relationship matters if humans are nothing but an assemblage of Elements...this is very restictive.... Love transcends all is Divine ..this is love for Blogger what has forced me to contribute...

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