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The Tale of the the Two Eagles

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

On a sunny and heated morning, the sun shone in full glory and the month of June was at its full swing. So were we. I had challenged my sons to a round of golf since we happened to be in the capital city at the same time. Margalla Greens Golf & Country Club sits in the lap of famous Margalla Hills. It's graciously scenic and breathtaking. Golf here includes the added privilege of hiking. Both of them were in beautiful gears and equally enthusiastic. We took off with glamorous drives and glaring smiles. I was overwhelmed since I was in the company of two roll of honor students. They are no less golfers. One of them was runner up at the Quaid-e-Azam junior’s tournament last year.

What else one could ask for, magnetic Margalla Greens, magnificent views of Faisal Mosque, majestic crew, music by Weekend, and arsenal of SIM by Taylormade. Soothing Rayban shades, Pro-V1s balls and expert caddies. We stole the hour and style envied us. Pars, bogies, and doubles. began to pour from zealous shots and concentrated putts. At the second hole, a par three, my youngest son Qadir, who otherwise is the tallest, made a birdie. What a shot & putting it was.

P wedge on Par 3, 116 yards

Sairam and I made bogies. Sairam was playing for the first time on this tricky course.

He played exceptionally well despite the lack of orientation with the courses on hills. Hole three is a Par-5, 521 yards, 15 HCP. I try to stay within the fairway even if I had to compromise on distance. Usually happy with bogies. So I tried to maintain the pace. Both of them scored Pars while I made bogey. Boy! They strode that hole quite picturesquely and concluded exquisitely. Their putting resembled the first time kissing in a classroom.

We proceeded to next Par three for further display of our swings in a dire competitive disposition. In a completely revengeful mood I made a par there whereas both of them ended up with bogies. The next hole is par 4 HCP 5 and 409y. I made a par, further consolidating my position in this father and son trio. Sairam made a bogie while Qadir made a double. Sixth is 341 y, HCP 1. The tee is wildly elevated and located in the ribs of Margalla hills. Stairs would take their toll before you pin your tee to the ground. One can see most of the fairways from here. In the torso of the hills, the magnificent Faisal Mosque on the left pompously exhibits a unique design of a mighty Bedouin tent, surrounded by the skycathing minarets of white Marble. I took the lead, since it was my honor, and hit a flying saucer towards the middle of the edge of the fairway short of the OB. While Sairam sprung a blaster that dimmed the distance of my shot, and landed at the perfect spot. Then came Qadir, Keeping in view our shots, he hit over the long stretch of bordering trees. Flying over them his balls dropped on the edge of the green and began to taxi towards the pin, as our caddies described it. It stops short of pin again barely escaping hole in one. Most of us have been trying to take that route only to earn OBs in the adjacent fairway. In professional style he earnestly engineered that shot to it’s perfection. It was a grand eagle. What a moment of pride. How can dad resist bragging at times like that? It was one of those moments when golf touches one’s soul. My heart jumped in joy and my mind thought of nothing but gratitude. Sairam & I made bogies on that hole yet both of us celebrated his eagle proudly.

Next hole was all a breath shortening climb. It’s no joke to reach the green of this hole. It’s a Par 5 HCP 3. I call the last three holes of the front nine, “mountaineering”. The green is at 2936 ft above the sea level. After the even lie nothing is more favorable than the uphill lie. It acts like a launching pad to lift the ball into the sky. The only problem is that the ball doesn’t roll much. Sometimes it begins to roll backwards. We stepped on the green panting and got wet in sweat. Man I am glad mine was the closest to the pin so I could catch my breath before putting it on. Only Qadir made a bogey while Sairam & I made doubles.

There’s a midway hut at this point of the course. Nothing is more soothing than a stop for some refreshment at this stage of the round. The scenes at this spot are truly satisfying. We had cold drinks and some snacks. A bit rested, still firm, we disembarked towards tee 8. It descends and again ascends. A small fig orchid adds a unique fragrance to stride on this fairway. It is a par 4 HCP 7 and 341 yards. In the beginning it is a steep walk to a lush green valley like fairway then again a sharp hike to an astounding tee. Qadir again took a straight aerial route to drop directly at the green. That landed on the sloop a few yards to the green and concluded with a bogey. Sairam reached the top in a third shot and made three putts. After an average driver shot I began to descend with a heavy heart. Hit a second shot that initially faded to hit a big stone on the edge of the creek. To our surprise the ball bounced from the stone and took a flight to the green. That swaying ball eventually found the hole on the eighth hole. Thus awarding me my first eagle. That eagle brought me to the top of the scorecard. After the celebration of that eagle we headed towards the ninth tee.

In excitement I messed up that hole and made a triple bogey there. Qadir and Sairam earned bogies. Qadir ended up 40, Sairam 47 and I made 43. My moss adventure at the ninth ruined the opportunity to defeat Mr. Qadir that the auspicious stone provided me.

The story of the two Eagles will live on forever. And golf with two sons is not an ordinary affair. I would love to do it again.

Know, son, that everything in the universe is a pitcher brimming with wisdom and beauty, the universe is a drop of the 'Tigris of His beauty, this beauty was a Hidden Treasure so full it burst open and made the earth more radiant than the heavens.




Margalla Greens GCC


Ahsan Jamil

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Jun 19, 2021

The tale of two eagles very interesting read, besides golf, you have the knack of gripping readers mind. Moreover, first 'eagle' does call for a treat, that too not in your home course.....Best wishes!

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