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The Magic of Music II

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

This is the second part of my previous article:

Music is an energy that touches the soul. It's a frisson of excitement that runs through the heart and comforts the mind. It enriches the surroundings and flourishes the atmosphere. Breads the dance and expresses the unsaid. Music translates joy and defines grief. It is a breath of beauty and praise of the beautiful. It expresses love and exhausts hate. It is a lyric of a lover and partner of the poet, acapella of reverence and hymn of the choir. Music lives in a flute and dances on the drums. It dominates the opera and consolidates the plot of a movie. It is a mate of the dancer and language of a composer. It makes strings sing and gives melody to metal. It pronounces intimacy and energizes the audience. It brings the beat and roars the rhythm. It produces life in a word and turns a verse into a song. It unites millions and rides the air. It dwells in an artist and is an art itself. Music tunes the mind and soothes the soul. It is the inversion of notes and immersion of imagination. It is a conversation of the spirit and beem of the brain.

It sometimes is a call of the holy or the hoot of a hip hopper. It satisfies the listener and it glooms the emotional ones.

There are certain societies that believe in the healing properties of music. Many nations venerate music. Some attain nirvana and others achieve mystic heights through it. In other parts of the world music is a forbidden commodity, some consider it a devilish delusion to derail humanity.

Worship or sin aside, a majority of people love music. As for myself, I am a staunch music lover.

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