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The Grand Affair

There is no flag to flap, no wind chime to tinkle, and no light house to point out the shore. It arrives unannounced; roars in silence, radiates in the eyes, and resides in a heartbeat. It springs smiles and it adores laughter. From writing songs to forming melodies, from speaking through flowers to glittering in the iris, it is a path camouflaged as a destination. It descends hilariously and leaves us in melancholia. It approaches in cheers and drains in tears. It flies without wings and walks inaudibly. Cherished by all yet satisfies none, produces pain that nourishes cries. It is a mute that is the talk of the town. A smile that needs no lips, a song that hearts sing, a fragrance beyond aroma, and a function without movement. It acts alone and affects all. It is a dance without steps. It is music without sound. It is smoke without a fire. It is a forest without trees. It is a current without an ocean. It is a star that is not in the sky. It is peace and a storm as well. To me, it is a hurricane of emotions. It demands devotion and requires sacrifice.

It shines and it is fine. It is love. We all adore it. That’s what we all seek. For love, saints choose celibacy and kings left thrones. Emperors built monuments like Taj Mahal and amorists happily accepted demise. The most glorious form of love in parenting. What a pretty process to protect and progress the pearl string of life.

Nucleus family unit consists of love. The love of divinity has produced the greatest stories of sacrifice, self restraint, and more.

History has seen volumes of humanity’s love stories. The picture below inspires me to find a celestial love story.

Our universe continually witnesses a love affair of two stars: the sun and the earth. This love story is millennials old yet remains fresher than ever. The sun keeps the earth close through the gravity of unshakable love. She (earth) on the other hand doesn’t want to leave her swirling worship. Such consistency and regularity on both their parts has never seen a single jolt in their relationship. This is a love that illuminates the darkest corners of our solar system and spreads warmth all around. He(sun) sheds a gracious light and she(earth) spreads a delightful scent to facilitate life. They both are absorbed deeply in each other’s ave. There are other hopefuls of the sun's attention out there like Mars and Mercury but their chances are dimmer and slim. The sun attends them but not with the same affection. They either burn in jealousy or shiver in cold desperation. The sun endears the adorable earth in a milder environment of his fondness. When a part of her moves away from his sight he asks the moon to take care of her. The Moon also tries to seek her attention in secret. It changes many shapes from crescent to a round to no avail. However, she doesn’t bother taking her eyes off the glorious sun. He is handsome and powerful. He is mighty and bright. He is grand and glorious. She is pretty and pure. She is filled with life and beauty. She is faithful and a fairy herself. Their awe stands unmatched and nothing is missing in their relationship. Love knows no boundaries. After all what is love but gravity.


Eyaz Riaz (image)



National Geographic


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