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The Floating Bubble

inspired by Soni’s thoughts

A bubble may be a delicate little object but it symbolizes a mighty element: the existence. Like a bubble, life exists for a brief period. They gloat, bloat and float only to disappear in air to feed the blankness of nothingness: the nonexistence.

When one sets their eyes on a bubble, it is so tempting to hold it and preserve it forever. But alas, it is too delicate to be held. In fact, it can disintegrate at the slightest heavy hand. Bubbles can sit on palms but can not be held in them. Their brief existence is their essence and in their fragility lies their power. Existence is the proof of presence. The presence is the only evidence of absence. The void of the universe only glitters with the light of existence. And a bubble is one of the precious little pieces of presence.

I got the picture above from Wordpress. I am a follower of an account called Soni's Thoughts, which posted this picture titled “A Thought”. These beautiful stanzas add a whole new chapter in my cerebral library.

Inspired by those phrases, I hereby solemnly declare that I forgive all of them who have hurt me in any way. I forget all the mistreatment given to me by anyone. I let go all the grievances I hold and I throw all the grudges away. I want to blow the bubbles of my life with love and I don’t want to suffocate it with hate and sorrow. I set free my mind from chains of negativity. I want to drain the pool of all sorts of bad intentions. I will follow freedom and I will tread on the path of love.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


We read hundreds of pages and try to accumulate all the knowledge that exists in the universe and hope that it moves us. But sometimes, one short stanza floods our soul with joy and fulfillment. There is no doubt that anything written with a pen of sincerity and ink of truth can walk straight into a heart. It can kindle a dark portion of the mind and illuminate it forever. The light of some words can change our way of thinking. Words sometimes guide us out from the ditches of despair and lead us to the highway of hope. The power of words makes some books sacred. Sanctity of some words make the narrators holy. Words inspire people to sacrifice their lives for a cause and they can cause a cowardly heart to surrender. A prayer is also words that soar to the skies and bring them down. Words are colorless but they can change colors of our destiny. Poetry is words spoken in sequence, so are the words in the above abstract. Soni’s words made me compare my life with a bubble flying over the lake of time, on the horizon of the cosmos. Wisdom can reside anywhere: at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina or in a soap and water mixture. It is up to us to find it.

The universe has entrusted us with the gift of life temporarily, only to hand it over to representatives of death at a certain stage. Our stay on this earth is nothing but a bubble. Once this reality becomes clear to us, we can begin to tend to life tenderly. We can not keep on riding the horse of hatred and despair anymore. They say life is too short to live. Once we learn how we should live, it comes to an end. The sooner we come to terms with this temporary world, the better it is for our own welfare.


Soni’s thoughts




Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, Photographer, OleMiss Rebel.



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3 commentaires

Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
21 févr. 2021

Revisiting...missed.... Blogger is not a soliloquy writer...he is articulating...he has audience... may be blog was a lecture....


Ahsan Jamil
Ahsan Jamil
20 févr. 2021

In the age of تکبر it is better to talk and teach yourself. درویش or دُنیا دار life doesn’t discriminate.


Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
20 févr. 2021

When it meets us via another channel we attach novelty to it.... otherwise پانی دا بلبلاis an echoeing line with us... Lessons are personal.....My astonishment is.... درویشas Ahsan Jamil is ....did he need these lessons?Any way we are breed who learn by rot....the lessons thus are a kind of loud shouting...دو دونی چار اے۔۔دو دونی چار اے

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