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The Beauty Contest

“The beauty is a heart inflamed and a soul enchanted.”

Khalil Gibran

In the name of the beauty present at the Cafe’ 19, he hit a great shot that crossed the long water hazard and landed at a putter’s grip away from the pin. The caddie shouts “you nailed it sir.” His heart wants to shout “she is beautiful.” Yes, beauty makes a lot of difference but a beautiful lady makes the hearts melt and also stirs them to beat faster. She was sitting on a chair facing the tee nine. He could smell the Estée Lauder she was wearing and the smell of Alfredo chicken & pasta sauce from her plate was invigorating. A pink scarf (Dopatta) was clad over her head and black shades on her eyes were announcing her piety and innocence. Whether he had brought his eyes back to the ball in reverence to her sanctitude or to follow the hard rule of golf, ‘eyes on the ball’ remains a mystery. Her smile was trying to add more to the grace of the enormously colorful, chlorophyll-deprived leaves of autumn. As if she was there to distribute the alms of charm to the already riveting ambiance of the Gymkhana club. The swans on the pond’s banks were swimming about to show her that they too were worthy contestants in this fashion parade.

The marigold flowers were in no mood to miss this beauty contest.

The area around Tee nine is so magnified today that he doesn't want to proceed to his golf ball at all, but what would a birdie add to this dream-like atmosphere? Even a Par at this occasion will make him part of that ongoing competition of cuteness at the stage of nature’s marvelous creations.

He missed the much expected Birdie but he is grateful for the Par that he made. The birdie requires utmost concentration but he had divided one. Half of his mind was still dazed by the mesmerizing decency that was seated at Cafe’ 19.

The sagacity of marriage is that one can only admire good looks of a person from a distance. And keeping the beauty at bay adds to its attention even more. A face illuminates from a distance and its deficits become apparent up close. The glow of a body dims sooner than a season whereas inner beauty accompanies till the end.

Of life’s two chief prizes, beauty and truth, I found the first in a loving heart and the second in a laborer’s hand.”

Khalil Gibran

It is the soul of the life partner that keeps them together for decades, if not forever.

Every now and then we cross a scene, a sentence, a face, a smile, a taste, a dream, a fantasy, or a fragrance that takes us to another dimension. Those who keep the eyes of their hearts open cannot overlook such enchanting encounters. Poets and painters look for these opportunities more often. Those who intend to appreciate beauty are followed by it everywhere. Those who are in the business of writing are sought after by words themselves. Traders of songs find melodies and makers of music create the rhythm and tones. A pursuer will find what suits him. Sinners will meet the devil before they even start looking. A caddie knows where the ball hides and a golfer knows where to hit. Only sometimes do you find more than what you are looking for and that’s when one can and should “Seize the day.”

And this was his day. He came to play golf at his home course. He met many old friends. The affection of staff at the club towards him was evidence of this being his home club. His subconscious acquaintance with the course flips the pages of his history at this club. He enjoyed the company of his coach today. And he was going home with a lot more under his sleeve than he came to take.

Happy golfing friends and graces to him and all my readers.

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.





Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.


Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer



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Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan

Title... Beauty and the feast.


Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan

Have forgotten the title..have been jealously blown by the romantic scenario actually.. deliberately...or.. cunningly. ...painted by the Blogger...,were it not for costly membership..for costly perfumes..for costly dressings...and costly golf sticks( not to mention Caddie charges)...I would start playing golf instantly.

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