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Surgical Shots

It is every golfer's dream to play scratch or under. Most never get to that. There are those that come close but few touch the brinks of that desire. Golf is a deceptive sport. It seems like a piece of cake from the outside but playing is not like eating a pastry. It rattles like rocks and tricks like tears. The complexity of this game resembles surgery. The number of specifications, rules, and regulations of this game nearly surpasses the list at a hospital’s operating theatre. So does the tool kit of the golfer. A golfer’s bag carries a world inside; apart from golf balls, more than a dozen golf clubs and everything else in it has various sizes for different uses. No soldier and no doctor carries as many weapons simultaneously as golfers do. They need a trolley to bring it to the golf course. The only difference is that a surgeon throws his gloves away but a golfer dearly hangs on to his.

I urge all my non golfer friends to refrain from putting their hand in a lady's purse or a golf bag. They both carry sharp items that can puncture unfamiliar fingers unexpectedly. Nailing and affixing is a common phenomenon in both, the female and golfing community.

The golf ball itself belongs to the world of wives. Most of its habits are derived from there. First and foremost it demands undivided attention. It won’t be tolerated if your eyes are looking elsewhere. It wants you to dance but only to it’s tunes. It can get irritated without a cause. It has a strong capability to hide or disappear right before your eyes. It also loves water. It will rush to swimming facilities wherever and whenever just like a tired housewife. Golf balls behave differently in the presence of lady golfers. They are immediately transformed to rowdy husbands. Annoying is the favorite hobby of golf balls and getting irritated is a usual business in this sport.

Posture happens to be another necessary ingredient in the recipe of golf. Sometimes try hitting something as small as a golf ball with your head and body fixed, your knees bent, back bowed, arms stretched, holding a fifty inch club, and allowing only your shoulders and torso to move in order to create a swing. Only a spouse can put you through a punishment like that.

This game should not be played by perfectionists and mathematically meticulous minds. Hope, faith, and blind moves are essential spices in this dish. I would advise my friends who are habitual winners especially those who hate to lose, to stay away from this particular sport. A game that is played on a wide field of 150 acres, that has eighteen gardens of different measurements, with tall trees and roughs, sand pits, and ponds, just to lead a ball that weighs 1.06 oz (45.93 grams) and is sized 1.680 inches (42.67 mm), into a hole which is 4 and half inches (10.8 cm) can not be won each time you come in. The elements of air speed & direction, weather conditions, sunlight, ground environment and mood of the golfer are factors of vital importance.

Yes, practice makes us perfect but in golf it will only make you better. The word ‘Perfection’ doesn’t exist in the dictionary of golf. You need a fortune of circumstances, a blend of good luck and a secret prayer, more importantly faith in your strategy and a plan to get through this regular ordeal.

Golf is a game of crazy and a touch of mindlessness is a suitable weapon to carry along. Keep your eyes on the ball and stroll on.

“He who has led you so far, will guide you further.”






Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer



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Ahsan Jamil
Ahsan Jamil
Dec 25, 2020

You are more than welcome. At least I can anticipate to defeat you in that game. At least initially. You’ve got a strong mind once set on some it can’t run


Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
Dec 25, 2020

It threat to start golf worked.Blog is a conscious effort to discourage me enjoy the luster all keep a strong contender away...yes ..the subconscious often betrays.In this case also.The title is self speaking.It is surgical mentally defeat me.. However beware Blogger...I am coming..I am coming....but ..but.. Why ?The Beauty by the pond cannot be sitting there...lest Frozen.

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