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Short of Perfection

“And still after all this time,

the sun never says to earth,

“You owe me.”

Look what happens with a love like that,

It lights the whole sky.”


Everybody on this Earth looks for a purpose. Some seek wealth, others look for fame. Some are in search of glory, many are on the quest for knowledge. The clever look for wisdom, while lucky ones fall for love. Some stand steadfast, ready for sacrifice. The moment life takes the form of flesh, a chain of needs commences. A newborn cries for milk only to satisfy its natural need for hunger. Then the baby grows up and hunger levels up from basic needs to worldly wants, like toys or play.

My need promotes your profession. Your work provides for my necessities. So begins trade, commerce, and economy. Economics leads to avarice and greed makes me work. The golfers’ greed leads them to the gym and the range. They practice their tails off and sweat to their bones. A poor man laboriously works multiple jobs to meet the ends. A scientist researches day and night losing hair and weight. The jockey and horse run to outlast others. A student burns eyes in pursuit of the best grades. The story goes on. People don’t become Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova, and Paulo Coelho overnight.

Lakes of sweat pour out of the pores of those whose bodies grace the victory stand. In some cases, sweat is physical and in others it is mental. The lethargic and lazy ones only clap for them sitting on their cozy couches, while the winners unlock the bottles of champagnes to celebrate their victories. There are no shortcuts to the finishing line and hard work is the only key to success. It has its own cramps and stresses. Those who dance in the corridors of the palace of success and twist on red carpets, do pass through the thorn full paths of hardships and thrust through the dunes of determination. Behind the admirable figures of the fairylike models lies the story of constant fasting, unflavored diet, and endless steel lifting. In the hands of the ones holding the most prestigious of trophies, lie the scars of determination.

Cricket enthusiasts wait hours for their turn to bat while fielding in the scorching sun. Footballers earn scratches from their fields and boxers go home with heavy bruises. Still, the game goes on. Golfers on the other hand keep tanning, playing with their individual balls in constantly rotating turns. Still, the ball is lost every now and then. Scratches, bruises, and the burning of skin are all the steps on the stairway of life, multiplied as the baby seasoned, from feeder to food to friends to fame to facade to fabulation, to ultimately become a person.

“My soul is from elsewhere, I am sure of that, and I intend to end up there.”


It is a great human desire to be accepted, praised, and honored by fellow human beings. The burning fancy of heroism leads us to the path of extreme hard work. On the track of struggle, one keeps crossing rivers after rivers, without the fear of drowning. Those who push themselves to the extent of extinction stand on the reach at the top. The only way up there is through the effort of consistent labor. How can one taste the fruit without planting, watering, and sowing the seed? Only once you go through the difficult phases, can you truly enjoy the deliciousness of your struggle.

Yes, victory is a need. I myself begin my day struggling on golf courses. Yes, winning is a necessity, an inclination for the minds, fodder of the souls, and drive for life. The biggest of all needs we have as humans is our survival. These days humanity is fighting a serious war against the most stealth enemy: COVID-19. We must give it defeat by not giving up. By following the protocol. By avoiding unnecessary exposure. Good luck fellows.





Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, Photographer, Rebel.



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