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Seven Over Par Three

Life is a see-saw, a blend of up and down, good and bad, success and failure, shot and shank. Just like day and night, summer and winter, spring and autumn time keeps clicking. We live on a rotating and revolving planet. Universe around us is ever expanding. We are balls of the game of life and death. One comes and another goes. Maybe that’s why life is a junction of  happiness and sorrow. We get startled every now and then. Sports and politics are two arenas where surprise is a great source of inspiration, entertainment, anxiety and tears. Some tears flow in joy, others fall in sorrow and few drop in regret. 

People who fall in love or follow careers in sports, stardom and politics often are rewarded with tension and tears. The dimples on a golf ball represent a number of reasons to astound or demoralize you during this game. At one shot a player is on top of the game and the next one hums his head. Golf’s shades and shocks, roughs and greens, shows and shames move like currents of a violent river. They break and make each other. The small little ball sits there idle. It awaits your swing. Whether it reaches at the desired drop zone or not does not depend merely on desire. Many factors come into play and luck is the vital one. Although Arnold Palmer claims, “The more I practice the luckier I get.”

The Masters Tournament 2020 is a great source of entertainment and lessons. We watched Jon Rahim’s hole in one.   Instead of drowning, his ball skimmed through the surface of the pond, glided on to the green and sunk in the hole. What a moment for him and for us.

Tiger Woods unprecedentedly played 7 over par 3 to the bewilderment of all fans and critics. It may be the most interesting moment of the masters 2020 but it certainly is the worst of his spell. The only double digit finish of a hole in his entire career. In order to reclaim his glory he displayed a grand command on the game by scoring five birdies out of the remaining six holes. Hole 12 was some hole at Augusta. It punctured his sanctity and it will stain him forever. Here is what he says happened out there.

One thing that is positive about Tiger’s performance at that par 3 is that all sorts of golfers can relate to him in a special way. Especially below average golfers like I am. If golf can do that to a god, no one is spared. Neither Rahim nor Woods can repeat those shots. At the spur of the moment the unexpected happens. The essence of it all is to carry on, despite despair, disappointment and detest. One who keeps hitting, good and bad, drops the ball in the hole and the quitter himself falls in the ditch of failure. Continuity is the key to success and consistency opens the rusted locks. 



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Ahsan Jamil 

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Nov 18, 2020

Good shot, dear brother


Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
Nov 18, 2020

Nice blog., citations examplary..inferences logical..conclusion manly....carry on Blogger...Yaa Hoo.

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