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Real Estate In Heaven

On the lap of the dark night there might sleep a bright sun. Behind the bright day there might be a moon waiting. The evening might hide a crescent in twilight. There may be worlds within tiny twinkles in the sky. A branch may hold a flower inside. A kiss may carry a disease on the lips. A hug may eradicate all the pain. Our dearest one may have the potential to hurt us the most. A mistake may open a door and a failure may breed a victory. We may find treasure in a word. One smile may grant us heaven. A love story may be swimming in tears. One step may end the entire journey. A lie can wash the trust away. The truth could unveil a mountain of deceit. A look in the eye may cost a life. One simple touch may crown you a king. One sigh may take your throne. One sentence can finish a book. One verse may tell a tale. A moment can change the course of history and centuries can go to waste.

Nothing is as it seems. The calm of the universe conceals a roar of the rotating stars. The cosmos holds the emptiness close. The book of existence presents an anecdote of death. The fresh page carries the used alphabet. A new couple falls for ancient passion, love. The method is young but the message is olden. The traveler is different but the destination is the same. Most surprises are just embedded in unawareness. Students graduate yet ignorance prevails.

Knowing more is the human aim and expanding is nature’s choice. Life flourishes on earth but we find no sign of it elsewhere. Why does it only spring on a tiny member of the Milky Way? Is life here a characteristic of the creator? I am grateful to be a part of that life that denies the emptiness around me. I might be here to train for someplace else.

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.

Maybe it is about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

-Paulo Coelho

We never know what awaits us and where. Which leap will lead to whom. Any space flight may meet a counterpart from other worlds. No one has seen paradise but most of us strongly believe it is somewhere up there in the skies. Those who don’t know a line of geography, claim to know how to get there. Those who cannot sell a single carrot in this world, are trading real estate in heaven. They exploit the believers. Their pursuit of worldly desires do not spare true emotions like belief and pure passion such as faith.

Everything is possible as long as you are alive. The dead can not do a thing and what is the difference between half dead and partially alive? An addicted person is half dead and a hopeless one is partially alive. It is the hope that seeds progress and heeds invention. Is the seed a tree or is the tree a seed? There may be harmony in a jungle and a town can be disarrayed.

Who can predict the future and who can change the past? Who can stop the age and who can alter the history? Who can bring back the dead and who can mold the mist? It goes on. Humans can dare to find out what lies where no matter what are the odds. They may brag about their progress, prosperity, performance and procurement but their fragility is obvious. Their knowledge is limited. Their sight is short. Their capacity is humble. Their life span is brief. Their resources are meager. Their reach is narrow. Their conduciveness is restricted. Their thoughts are impaired.

Yes! But their aims are high. Their determination is infinite. Their struggle is tireless. Their hard work is unmatched. Their nature is laborious. Their fears are under control. Their aspirations are unconfined. Their hopes are high. Their observations are keen. Their ambitions are tall and their optimism is skyrocketing.

Humans have always made errors, learned lessons from them, repeated their effort, and recovered fervently.

What destination is that they don’t want to reach? And what success is that they don't want to achieve? On and on it goes.





Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, Wanderer



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Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
20 août 2020

Writing a comment is so easy.... Very good blog.... The blogger has pointed out human limitations....etc.etc. .no.When you are being asked to be obective ..the job is not at all easy. I suspect ....the blogger suffers from internal archetype believes. ..n ...external title driven needs....the result is (atleast for an expectant like me) an unquenched abrupt wane ....

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