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Racing with the Dream Catcher

The sun had dimmed, twilight unfurling, traffic was bumper to bumper and I was in no rush to reach Lahore; my hometown almost 400 km to the south. The Lahore-Islamabad motorway is a marvel of Pak- Korean engineering collaboration. That makes the cruise between the two cities a fun drive. Tonight, a beautiful traveler was in celestial pursuit of my cruiser; determined to smile and shine. It was a sky rider on the move. People call it moon and I call it dream catcher. 

Speeding Luna was in no mood to lose the contest. The more my chauffeur pushed the paddle the faster it flew. Another glittering star was running along but both of us had no interest in inviting it in our gallop. This was meant to be an exclusive affair. At times Potohar hills would interfere in our tracks but we took it as hurdling and carried on. Crossing one obstacle after another, we had approached the Kalar Kahar mountains. These mountains are a natural castling between north & central Punjab. When Alexander the Great and other warriors like him had come across these hills, they found it impossible to cross this natural wall. They had to turn to the plains of the river Jahlum to cross over where they would have to face the fierce elephant-ridden armies of local Rajas. These mountains knew how to stop the inbound raiders. Nowadays human vigour has grown out of proportion thus they pierce nature’s strongholds at their discretion. 

Man’s thrust to bend the earth’s environment to his own will has led him to invent machines like caterpillar excavators that would move any mountain out of its way. That is what happened to this mighty hill here. Pak-Korean engineers have snaked this motorway through this fat mountain. They have put one of the tallest bridges in the country to make the ride smarter & smoother. The moon played hide & seek with the lines of these hills and I drove through those with caution and care. I have traveled in the company of cute people before but traveling beside this beauty is an out of this world experience. I can talk to it but cannot touch it. I can feel it inside my mind but I know it cannot hear me. We can only talk through looks and thoughts. To tell you the truth, it has lots and lots of tales to tell. One can tell it is a lover, an amorist.

Our race continued; it remained parallel during the ride and did not cross us most of the way. As if it didn’t want to defeat us, rather this race was all about staying in my window and teaching me that all runs are not for defeating others. Some run to accompany you, others jog to show solidarity. I understand now perfectly that it was racing to teach me patience, to display we belong to each other, to support me, to stand by me, and to make me one with the universe. 






Ahsan Jamil 

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer 



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2 commentaires

Iftikhar Ahmed Iffat
Iftikhar Ahmed Iffat
07 oct. 2020

You stand near the ocean to see/ feel the power of universe & a close ness to the ONE who created universe !!!


Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
07 oct. 2020

Starting with a confession.... jealous .Had always monopolized such sublime ecstasies....anyway if we share God why not Godly gifts.

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