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Off to Golf

It's not easy to get up so early in the morning, especially on a darling day like Sunday. A day that is made to do things you wanted to do all week but you couldn’t or to do things that you wouldn’t do all week. Sleeping is a priority among them. All retirees who remind the sun to rise every day sleep late on Sundays. They leave the sun alone at the mercy of their dreams. Most golf clubs miss them on Sundays since they are regular bees on the tees. I am someone who is freer than all retirees. I take golf as a duty to my muscles, obligation to my lungs, as well as a challenge for my mind. So no sleep come Sunday would keep me from golf. This Sunday I have the pleasure to play with my youngest son. My daughter also wanted to join us but her mother was insistent to protect her from heat for a few more weeks. We will surely miss her. Nothing is more satisfying than to get beaten by those you raised yourself. That proves my right parenting. I love it. On occasions my son and daughter also assist me with editing my articles. Man I am blessed with the best of the kind. 

The sun is still struggling to ascend while morning birds are chirping post dawn symphonies. My son is brawling to return back to his fairway. Trees are trying to abstract maximum chloroform from the rising burning ball. The grass is in an attempt to keep the dew from evaporation. I am walking towards the flag post to keep the game going. We approached the second tee and I saw a strange guest peeking at me from tree tops. In the bright morning when the sun is shining with all its glory, the moon appears from behind the trees on our left. It is a great display of its strong will to shine, despite its meager glow while the mighty shiner is on the ascend. 

I wonder if these shining beauties would follow us to the heavens. What can I tell the sleepers this morning! Well they are the unlucky ones to miss this scenic morning. A walk on the dew drops at the lush green fairway makes the morning lovelier and panoramic. 

Nothing beats a good driver shot at a time like this. When our hearts, location, and actions align; heavens are born. If paradise was a state of mind here it is in a state of kind. Let life bloom on the berms of this wonderful morning, I would ask the gardener of creation today. Sometimes I wonder what I am going to do with these writings. Then I tell myself I am writing this for my grandchildren. They would know me through my blog and my online presence. Not for my mere introduction but to share with them the blessings I have had during my walk on this beautiful planet. When it comes to gratitude, I have no words to express my feelings, each spore of my body, every fabric of my thought bows to my creator, unconditionally. 






Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer 



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