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New Social Animal

In these unique, uncertain, and unseen times, a sense of stability is very important to maintain balance in life. It’s easier said than done. The traditional rich are falling like dry leaves and old jobs are shedding like broken feathers. Usual businesses are sinking and new complicated and strange trades are emerging. It is becoming nearly impossible to cope with changes in economic affairs and the fast pace of progress for the majority of us. An ever-changing working environment, unbelievable floods of inventions, and constant fear of health hazards regularly shatter minds even in the safest conditions and securest of jobs. Psychological pressure and continued anxiety breed unprecedented burdens on the already fragile social fabric. In these circumstances to remain on our feet is what matters.

We are trying to pull ourselves through these tough times, learning skills that otherwise seem out of our grasps. We trained in languages like Cobol, Python, and Java. And whatnot. Wearing weird, eating junk, singing abuses, hipsters language, and so on. Movement from jazz to pop to rock to hip hop. From uniformed and disciplinary schools to dressing half-naked with poor cleanliness. Playgrounds to PlayStations. A storm of rebellious attitude is disintegrating the culture of etiquette and manners. Staying home has become a noble gesture and looking for easy-going work is in fashion. In the old days, wise and hardworking people were those who spent their time laboriously. Workaholics that created remarkable institutions through their day and night efforts. The kind of people who were working overtime or having two or more jobs to meet their ends. And now idle and indolent who stay home are regarded as responsible citizens. See how the tables have turned.  

Anyway, this century belongs to sitters. People across the globe are working from their desks quite productively. Drones are flown from behind the bench. Cross continental meetings are held without stepping out of the room. Office work is done from homes. Can anybody comprehend where we are heading? Is this rapid change for better or worse? 

Our phones have replaced so many gadgets from our lives. The gadgets of our past lives have lost their individual identity to fit into our cell phones. 

A small pocket-sized device carries more science than the technology of the moon landing in the 60s. The mainframe computers began their journey of downsizing from room size to a desktop to laptops and into a sim card. The more computers shrink in size the more powerful they become. 

Although the pandemic has made us much more inactive and it has turned our lifestyles lifeless. Yet the idle and sluggish communities of our society are proving to be useful and trustworthy. The twenty-first century is taking us to unprecedented levels of stillness. This generation of sitters, on the other hand, is planning to reach, settle, and live on extraterrestrial destinations. It is developing hyperloop traveling tools and exploring extraordinary genetic possibilities. See how the meanings of everything are changing. 

Science and technology are already replacing our ill organs and damaged body parts with artificial instruments. Machines are almost ready to shift from our hands and pockets into our brains and underneath our skin. Technology is leaping forward at a much higher speed than our psychological, social, and legal systems. Governments all over the globe are unable to cope with miraculous and magical scientific advances. Our philosophers and clergy lack effective decrees on emerging questions like birth control and cloning. A confused common man has more mesmerizing options that are exploding around him. All of us sometimes get lost in the dilemma between right and wrong. In the end, we have no choice but to give in to new technologies eventually falling slave to new products like computers, cell phones, internet, and medicine.

Democracies that used to appease the public are now controlling them instead. The process of elections itself has fallen victim to scientific advances and gradually people are losing their faith in it. There is news of voting being hijacked from outside of borders. The fragile thread of rules, regulations, and laws is incapable to curb the hurricane of upcoming inventions. Human beings that are known to be social animals might have adapted to a new kind of socializing; one that is virtual instead of physical. 

The way to lead an ideal life is to create balance and equilibrium between stillness and motion. One way to achieve this is a physical activity that requires deep mental involvement, and what is better than golf? Golf is chess on the ground that we play on foot. 





Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, author, entrepreneur, blogger, poet, wanderer 



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