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Moon and Monsoon

The scorching heat of June in Lahore is driving me to make my way to the northern hills. The pandemic, however, pulls me back home. Within the family, we were divided about the decision to stay home or to go to Bhurban. In the end, logic triumphs emotion. I know clouds roam in the streets of Nathiagali and dance with pines at Bhurban slopes. What a pity to be stuck in the heat. When we have all the arrangements available to us in a much cooler atmosphere. I am already missing golf at Chinar GCC Murree. This golf course is eight thousand feet above sea level. What a unique place it is. One becomes ‘one with the universe’ in a place like that. 

It wasn’t easy to break the chains of the epidemic so the majority of our family decided to remain home. The wonderful idea of hanging on mountain tops and scenic valleys was sanitized away. This wishful plan was thrown to the dumpster like used face masks and discarded gloves. I have to settle on playing in the hot weather of the Punjab delta. 

In order to escape the heat we, the regular crew, have already come to the conclusion to begin the game early, by five in the morning. The weather app was predicting rain today. I called my caddie to begin the game by 4:30 am. So I can play a nine-hole round before the rain kicks in. A little before dawn we were at the tee. Of course, at that time it would be a solo flight since it was too late to discuss with the rest of the crew about the new take-off time. 

A refreshing cool breeze was assuasive to the soul. It was way better than man-made air conditioners. A jasmine-like fragrance was riding the zephyr adding to conforms of the special dawn. The umbrella of clouds was engulfing the morning, confiscating it’s right to shine. The moon also stayed on to welcome the monsoon rains while the sun shyly hid behind the dark clouds. Today clouds were the rhythm and drops were the dance. I was the voice, golf was the song and the course was the orchestra. The moon was the audience and the breeze was the spectator. What a morning it was. 

I could not go up the Nathiagli mountains to walk with the clouds, instead, they came to meet me. The arrival of wonderful weather opened the shut layers of my golfing mind and revealed all held back secrets to revitalize the game. I wonder how our surroundings can affect the outcome of our actions. On the same course where I was struggling with my swing for the last two weeks, I was playing fine overnight. As if that cool breeze carried golf lessons with it. 

We seek shadow in hot weather and on cold days we burn fires. A lush green tree knows autumn is coming and night waits for the day. Change is the melody of the universe and variation is its virtue. Evolution is the human understanding of nature and adaptability is their essence. Today’s rain is one of the exhibits that heat and cold are ornaments of the earth and golfer’s determination to be on the field in both cases is a display of human determination to live on it. 


 Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, entrepreneur, blogger, author, poet, wanderer 



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