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Illusions and Life

For those who see with the eye of the heart, the picture above represents an ancient god, a present one, a flag post, and golfing green. The strip of trees reminds viewers to maintain equilibrium between faith and reason. Fog in the snap illuminates the story of an illusionary human mind and the power of its imagination. Humans have been worshiping for generations, the same stars they intend to colonize today. At that time celestial objects quenched their spiritual thrust, today they have evolved to explore and exploit them at their will. What a tale of seasoning, maturity, and achievements. The journey of Homo Sapien’s progress is phenomenally unprecedented and extremely impressive. The human thought process, research, inquisitive nature, and courage to inquire has brought them from caves to skyscrapers, from hunting and gathering to boutique kitchens. Nothing in this universe has evolved as much as Earth and its masters. There are trillions of stars out there. Some shine brighter and others are huge in size. A few carry water and many more are barren. Neither one is prettier than Earth nor has more beautiful habitants than humans. If there is life out there it has yet not been able to reveal itself to us. Whereas our voyagers are roaming lights and lights years away. Nothing intelligent encounters them so far. The creature made of stardust flies to the distant stars to blow the dust there with the tires of its rovers. 

Coming back from extraterrestrial worlds I would like to offer another snapshot I took at the course today. A creeper is ascending on a naked tree. I would love to know this botanical relationship in detail. Is there a human hand in this romance of cuddles and kisses? Or it is a mutual understanding between the floras. 

I can hear their conversation while I walk in the vicinity. 

“I am dead but I will provide you with my shoulder. You can live on me while I am lifeless and merely firewood. Yet my dream of living forever is being fulfilled through your leaves and stem”, expresses the leafless trunk. 

“Thank you so very much. Please make sure that I continue to envelop you, till I am covering every inch of your body. I will protect you from the sun and storm, from rain and heat, from dust and fire. No one will cut you to make furniture out of you. You will be greener in my arms. My kisses will charge you to keep standing. Mutually we will add on to this beautiful garden and see people chasing and beating that little white ball. I wonder why these guys are after this ball? You might know since you were here long before I imbibed from my seed”, ponders the creeper. 

I follow my white ball wondering what it takes to make a golf course and a magical planet like Earth; where life grows amidst death. How much there is to see in this marvelous spell called life. How lucky we are to walk through these beautiful fairways and valleys, enjoying such picturesque allurements. I am so grateful for such a wonderful experience. 


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Ahsan Jamil 

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