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Health is Wealth

It was a great get-together at his house that evening. All his family and close friends were attending this party. Everyone was enjoying Kamran’s company. He was a dashing performer and amazing conversationalist. His entire family were around him. He was sharply dressed, and his hair was shimmering in gel. He was the center of attention.

Kamran had been a brilliant student, created an exemplary start-up. Now he was a big story himself in his trade.

He was then married to a fairy-like girl. They were the most enviable couple in town. They had adorable kids. They were living in a manor in a very expensive neighborhood. They drove dream cars and lived a life of luxury. Kamran was a busy man at the office and a fulfilled person at home.

The party was in full swing when butlers announced dinner. Wow! What an amazing arrangement. You name it, they have it on the table.

While the people were feasting, Kamran sat in a corner with some salad on his plate.

They were so involved in their dinner that no one paid any attention to Kamran and his plate. I quickly grabbed a chair and sat next to him. I asked him why he was not eating regular food. He told me he had diabetes. OMG! At this age? He was barely 37.

What is wealth worth if you don’t get to enjoy it? What is life worth when you’re not healthy?

There’s an old saying that health is wealth. I refrained from speaking more on the subject since I have been ill myself in the past decade.

Just to remind us that our grandparents’ folk stories, our school books, and our Physical Education teachers have been telling us that health is the first priority. But we forget it in our pursuit of good careers.

Following is a copy paste from a 3 minute speech on “Health is wealth”,  from a children's course book. Year 5-12

Short Speech on Health is Wealth

Health is the biggest wealth for a human being in his/her entire lifetime. One can survive without excess money but can’t survive without good health. Health is something that we can’t buy with money but we can take care of it and we can cure it when needed with the help of the money. If a person is not having good health, he will not be able to enjoy his/her life to the fullest. Money doesn’t make a person rich and happy but good health does. Moreover, a person can’t feel complete and happy without good health. I came back from a young entrepreneur’s party with a heavy heart. On my way I decided I would do my part to reeducate the young about their health. 

Speech on health is wealth

Good health is one of the main elements of happiness that a person needs in his/her life. We can see various people around us that are happy without having a lot of money. However, they are happy because they have good health and they enjoy their lives. We can also see many people that are having a lot of money and are rich enough to buy anything they want but still, they are not totally happy. Moreover, they are not satisfied with their lives. The reason behind the sadness of the rich people is mostly that they don’t have good health and they worry about this thing a lot. However, they can’t buy good health with their money.

How to get a Healthy Life?

If someone wants perfect health then, first of all, he/she has to improve the quality of the thoughts that generate and occur in their minds. When a person thinks positively then he\she improves his\her chemistry from within. For a healthy lifestyle, one should follow many rules and should also sacrifice many things in their daily routines. On the other hand, if a person spends half an hour on exercise daily then he/she will be able to eliminate the toxicity from the body.

Simple Ways for a Healthy Lifestyle

First of all, wake up early in the morning and do at least half an hour of physical and mental exercise of any type, whichever suits you the best.

Avoid or try to reduce the amount of intake of highly processed or toxic foods per day.

The easiest way is, increase water consumption on a daily basis.

Avoid soda drinks or drinks with artificial sugar content.

Also, it decreases the amount of consuming meat.

Start eating fish and vegetables as much as you can.

Avoid dairy products and alcohol as well.

Don’t eat fried foods or fast foods daily in excess quantity.

Spend some alone time and think positively about your future and present life. This brings positive vibes that boost up your positive energy.

Generally, a healthy lifestyle is the highest blessing that we should not take for granted. It is the main source of all the happiness in someone’s life. Money can help you in buying all the luxuries in this world but it cannot buy you good health. A person is totally responsible for his\her health and he\she has to take care of his\her health in all the possible ways by avoiding a few things and by adopting some new and good habits that lead to a healthy life. So, for well-being and happiness, it is important to switch to a healthy lifestyle.


Finally, we all are aware that our health is the most important wealth that we have. We know that we can earn money if we lose it once, but we can’t get back our good health easily if we lose it due to carelessness. Health is the only wealth we are born with and we even die with our health. So make a healthy lifestyle a priority.





Ahsan Jamil 

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, Photographer, Rebel. 


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3 Kommentare

05. März 2023

We just take health for granted till such time we lose it on any ground, that’s when the realization strikes us that ‘health is wealth’ ….

Gefällt mir

Iftikhar Choudry
Iftikhar Choudry
05. März 2023


Very well said, brother.

Gefällt mir

05. März 2023

Eye opener writeup based on hard reality👍🏻

Gefällt mir
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