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Good Morning My New Year

Drops of dew, the breeze of the dawn, rays of the sun, budding flowers, ticking seconds, chirping sparrows, dancing leaves, and my sleepy eyes welcome the first sunrise of 2021. The whole city was either glued to the television or out there to celebrate the festivities of a happy new year. I went to bed early in order to receive the morning while the celebrators slept stoned after a night out. Nothing is more beautiful than the rise of the sun each morning. Today’s sun is delivering us the first morning of the much anticipated new year.

People celebrate the new year across all cultures. They follow solar, lunar, or lunisolar calendars. They celebrate it with worship or festivities, commencing either at midnight or in the evening. But the concept of a new beginning is a common phenomenon among them. Most of us plan to start afresh. While some shed their despair with the ending year, others sow the seeds of newer expectations with the emerging calendar.

Western date of the beginning of the new year was chosen to honor the Roman god of the beginning, Janus. He is believed to have two faces, one looking backward, the past, and the other facing forward, the future.

Chinese New Year is attached to the beginning of the spring season; they usually celebrate it between the twentieth of January to the twentieth of February according to lunar readings. One way or the other festivities of the new year are seen in almost all societies.

Celebration and festivity always represent a crowd of happy people whereas the new year’s merriments commemorate a dance of the hopefuls. So many aspirations, expectations, ambition, aims, and floods of hope take steps to the tunes of the upcoming year. I would call it the largest congregation of the candidates and campaigners of good luck ahead. This is where humanity comes together to expect good from the future.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love; it will not lead you astray.”


The poem of the marvelous journey of human progress is written only in the pen of aspiration. The stanzas may speak in different dialects and lyrics might be composed in various languages but the poem only narrates hope. And hope is all the new year should bring.

What is a better time to start converting our hopes into reality than a beautiful morning? Let’s take a fresh start from this first morning of 2021. Let’s struggle to stop all wars this year. Let’s cooperate to eradicate the ongoing pandemic. Let’s eliminate illiteracy. Let's alleviate poverty. Let’s discourage hate and promote love. Let’s build a world of souls instead of one of the swords. And most importantly, let’s aim to be the best versions of ourselves.

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