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Golf on the Clouds

I am one golf junky for sure and if I call myself a golf enthusiast, it won’t do justice to my attachment for the sport. Be it junky golfers or sober souls, everyone is confined to their homes. Coronavirus pandemic has domesticated us forcibly.

Once I realized that COVID-19 lockdown is not a sprint but a marathon, I decided to develop a method to golf at home. I converted my front yard into a tamed golf range; conveniently practicing in accordance with my preferred timetable.

I was still missing something related to golf. Being restless in nature, I developed a website and began blogging about golf. Initially I was reluctant to write again since most of my previous attempts of being an author had crashed. The imprisonment of quarantine can make you do what you would never be able to do otherwise.

My fresh experiment seems to be working and an ever failing dream of writing is eventually materializing. Maybe because this time I venture to write about my most recent love, golf. When your task becomes passion, you perform wonders and obstacles start yielding, making limitations transform into calibre. I want to tell my family, friends, and esteemed readers that confinement of all sorts is a great opportunity to develop some sort of a skill.

Those who are blessed with resources, age, and time, owe this to society to become more useful and rewarding. I would invite everyone to use this quarantine in their favor to develop some new abilities and master existing ones. Just a little more hard work and concentration can save you from frustration and improve your personality. If math is the language of the universe, hard work is the dialect of success. Don't fit in. Stand out!

Furthermore, after sessions of writing I am still missing something golf-oriented. Since I speak to my golf buddies regularly on the phone and video call, the only thing that remains out of reach is golf courses.

Can I be missing golf courses? Astonishingly, quite similar to the good Lord himself; golf loves you in mysterious ways. Golf is already magical and gets more mesmerizing when we can’t play it. As a sincere golfer, you can even daydream about it and that is a more effective way to play than simulators.

Sparta reminds me: “You only fight the best when you don’t have anywhere left to go.” It is an admitted fact that Covid 19 protocol prevents us from leaving home bodily but it should not stop us from going anywhere through thoughts. We can certainly put our mind on the move to score our passions; defeating the physical incapacitation to roam frankly.

Stay home, stay happy and keep in touch with golf and with yourselves.

Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Author, Poet, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Wanderer.


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1 comentário

27 de abr. de 2020


Golf is so overpowering...

As they say...

For the Love of golf...keep going

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