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Golf & Mother Earth

Image courtesy of Instagram

It’s a bright and shining spring morning out there. I sit in my veranda roped by COVID-19 protocols. Exiting spring with all its bloom invites me to step out and dance with the Primulas. I wish & hope overextending lockdown should come to end soon. Golf & spring together place us in a pinnacle of paradise. Golf courses basically are a series of lush green gardens ornamented by immaculately shaved grass, filled with sand bunkers, miniature lakes, collection of various trees and bushes, and flowers blooming in millions of colors. Playing golf makes feel like a walk in heavens. That makes everything love earth even more.

Sometimes music explains better:

Images courtesy of Instagram

Today’s write up is my humble effort to contribute the ongoing struggle of explaining the responsible use of our planet so we can keep it safe and protected. I know most of you are already aware of "Save the Planet" movement. I am just trying to ring a bell here through these words. Our Home(earth) deserves much deeper attention today. It is deteriorating by the clock.

The biggest lesson of the COVID-19 attack is that we can heal our planet easily and inexpensively ways. All we need is a change in our attitude and thinking. The AQI Index throughout the world is a witness to man made damages to the planet earth.

I will take you to stars that are working for the survival of our small planet:

The Green parties all across the world are contesting elections to save the earth. All of these angel like activists among many other Scientists, geologists, oceanographers, astronomers and environmentalists are doing maximum to broadcast their messages of concern and hope. Their outcry is simple: “ We have one home and that’s earth, learn to live here sensibly“. It’s about time we all play our part.

Image courtesy of Instagram

Present Obama declared that we would become multiplanetary species soon. We are already one. Skies are our backyard and stars are in our access . Our extended eyes, ears, minds and hands are on far away planets. We are mapping universes. Yet we are badly failing earth. We are depleting it. We are shaking it. We are hazing it.

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Before we go and claim other planets and moons like Mars and Europa we ought to learn to protect what we have. Mother Earth.

I am a staunch supporter of man’s efforts to become a multi planetary specie. In this writing I’m not advocating anything against space exploration rather I’m praying that before stepping on the other planets we’ve got to be educated and prepared to land there as responsible and mature explorers. We can only learn that only taking good care of the earth. First of all we ought to amend our attitudes and mindset. I have seen Elon Musk’s slogans, “Nuke Mars” & “Occupy Mars”. SpaceX’s contributions to space technology are enormous & envying. I only object the language especially words like “occupy”. My opinion is that we should develop a universal manual of decency, before we take off. We should fly to Mars to learn, explore and to develop stewardship. We should learn to be one with the universe. Going there from Terra Mater as Ceres and Demeter. Tuned and coherent with skies. Traditionally going to stars is the job of gods and angels. We got to learn wisdoms of deities. Only then we would stand high before a terrestrial immunity. In case we meet one. We owe this to our future generations as well. “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong. This leap must take place in our way of thinking.

We have the science to preserve and repair our planet. We have the knowledge to protect it. We have resources to capsulize it. Let’s develop the will to do so.

Image Courtesy of Instagram

I wish this write up invites us to do our part and that’s to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow living beings, and our precious home: Mother Earth and subsequently the universe.

Ahsan Jamil:

Golfer, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, wanderer.

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2 Kommentare

Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
22. Apr. 2020

Illuminating write-up... A journey .... planetary...n... interplanetary....years back read not pluck flowers.... beneath was written....wind cannot read....most devastation comes from people who are nearing interplanetary accomplishment....I however am surprised that sublimely exquisite as the golf courses are no UFO has tried to carve crop circles there(through out world,).... Message is need of the time...

Gefällt mir

22. Apr. 2020

This is a Masterpiece! Enjoyed reading and love your perspective.

Gefällt mir
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