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Golf Improves Decision Making Skills

The game of golf is all about decision making. Golfers make a series of decisions throughout the round. That makes golfers exercise their biochemical algorithms. Repetitive decision making process keeps the golfer's amygdala and cerebellum in continuous rotation. Thus enhancing our decision making skills. It is scientifically tested that mind games do boost our faculties.

The market is already flooded with brain training books, audio/video games, and allied resources. What I offer here is not desktop training for mind boosting rather a physically active mind game namely golf. What I suggest is another mind boosting game known as golf that also provides both mental and physical exercise simultaneously.

The decision making begins from the very moment the golfer makes up his mind to go and play. When to play, where to play, who to play with, what type of clothes to wear, are few decisions to take before a golfer arrives at the golf course.

In my case I love to play with my daughter and sons. Four of us young golfers are an enthusiastically charming crew. One I cherish the most. Unfortunately very rarely I get an opportunity to fly in this flight.

Once golfers arrive at the golf course another endless operation of options opens up. So opens the round. 

The golf kit is a combination of more than a dozen sticks. These sticks are called golf clubs.

A few of us don’t agree with the design of the golf equipment wholeheartedly. Especially at times when the golfer is not performing. 

These sticks are separately designed to carry out specific shots. Each stick is made for a certain distance and particular purpose. All golf shots are different shots. It requires a particular stick, distinct stance, certain body movement and specified behavior to execute a required shot. Wind, air density and elevation changes are also a factor in each shot. So is the lie of the ball (A golfer’s lie is the location of the golf ball at rest). This unique function demands quick, precise, particular and practical multitasking in a matter of seconds. The shot making procedure is nothing but a chain of decisions embellished in regularity.

Golf is neither a roving nor a trudge but an organized walk towards a target, leading the ball to the green for the purpose of putting.  A green is a holy place where the mind, body, and soul unite to perform a divine art.  Game at the green inflames transdisciplinarity of the entire human capacity which fabricates an axon to neuron to muscle to osteocytes into symphony of absolute harmony. Coherently budging the ball into a hole, thriving panacea to its maximum. All golfer’s do not walk away fulfilled from the green. This small hole is not so small after all. I have seen so many columns of hope disappear in this tiny hole. At times like these it seems mightier than the universal black hole. Golf trains a player how to remain composed in good or bad times. It further provides an opportunity to try again on the next hole. All this process is nothing more than “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.” Where else would one find a better mind game than at the golf course? As Bob Jones explains, “Competitive golf is played mainly on five- and- a half inch course, the space between your ears.”

I also want to inform my readers that golfers, like hunters, are known to brag about their achievements on the golf course. I leave it up to my readers to decide how close to reality this write up is. 

Ahsan Jamil:

Golfer, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, Wanderer.

Credits: Instagram, Google Images, & Pinterest.

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