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Freeways To Fairways

The universe has witnessed the might of human resilience time and again. The sky itself has tried to fall on Adam’s children. Oceans inundated nations like Noah’s many times. From black death to Covid 19 humans have always risen to become Asclepius. The book of history carries countless chapters of human retaliation against unforeseen and unprecedented calamities. Mankind is made of a clay that carries a special ingredient to fight back. The stars of our solar system have seen us overcome global famines, continental drifts, the catastrophic movement of tectonic plates on our planet. Humans emerged wiser, stronger, and mightier out of all challenges.

Human beings are a species that does not believe in defeat. From the deathbed of the present pandemic, the world is stretching to take a walk of recovery. We are about to release the parking brakes of our work life. Freeways and fairways are both sluggishly opening up. Nothing can pause humans for long.

Many cities are healing up to new realities; knowing that this will no longer be an era of carpooling and HOV(Higher occupancy vehicle) lanes. We’ve got to meet our distances keeping a safe distance. All of us won’t crowd one table but will sit at lengths. Colleagues will sit detached.

Friends won’t be running to arms, they would stay put. We would express affection and remorse from yards out. It will be an age of kisses in the air and verbal hugs. The aura of post-coronavirus is: spread, segregation, and separation. These will be days of gap and width. Urban life would face the biggest challenge and drastic change. So would club hours at golf courses.

From streets to highways; ours will be another world, a better world.

Raised hole cups, more hold ups, fewer carts, midway huts closed, longer queues, baristas missing, the whim at golf courses would be different. Golfers would carry boots and booze in heavy bags with heavier heads. Fairways would offer new protocols and greens another volume. I hope most of us golfers would also cherish the game and courses intimately.

We have to mend many ways before we start afresh. Most important of all is hygiene. As we soap our bodies we must mop our minds. A clean body, clean mind, and clean city draw the roadmap of safer living.

Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Author, Poet, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Wanderer.


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1 Comment

Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
Apr 28, 2020

Very optimistic...onometapoic prose.. rhythm changing like club changes on golf course... almost a wish.. prayer..and... yearning.....

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