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Fast Fires

Not all that burns is fire. Some burn in love and some burn in hate. Some burn in desire, while some burn in despair. Some burn in a relationship and some burn in separation. Some burn in success and some burn in failure. Some burn in jealousy, while some burn in flattery. Some burn in desolation and some burn in determination. The fire always breaks the routine. It creates commotion and remakes the world.

Oceans swim peacefully, sit idle, and freeze in time at different moments. It is the rhythm of the moon that invites them to dance. It is the fire of the sun that evaporates parts of them to become clouds. The breeze flies smoothly and makes melodies of harmony. It’s the scorching fireball above the skies that converts it into storms and tornadoes. The seed trunks out of the ground in search of the heat. Earth itself spins and rotates around the sun to keep warm. It is the touch of the fire that makes raw meat a steak.

I wonder that while nature appreciates heat and warmth, what is happening to our hearts? They are getting colder and colder in the icy waters of greed and pragmatism.

There is nothing wrong with the fire or the flame. Rather the lack of fire, absence of heat, and lightless hearts in our chests are a matter of serious concern. It is alarming that the glaciers of characterlessness are growing in size around us. Ironically while global warming is on the rise. We are seeing the world's most advanced civilizations fighting over the color of their skin, ethnicity, and religion. People who intend to make other planets their home are unable to live in harmony on their own. Our trust in science has solved many mysteries of extreme importance yet it has failed us on prime social issues. It is unweaving the fragile fabric of our society and resultantly nations are returning to the era of color and creed discrimination. The lessons that were learned from the two world wars in the recent past have dimmed now diminishing the slogans that ask for equality and human rights.

The temperature of hate and abhorrence is again on the rise. People’s faith in the long term good is shrinking because they seek instant rewards. They want the immediate returns of empathy, goodwill, good deeds, and piety. In the age of quicker communication, instant coffee, and fast food they want skies to respond to an act of kindness immediately. They no longer have the patience to do things for life in the heavens. They want the heavens to descend into their bedrooms. Today’s human being is burning in the flame of instantness. The craze of becoming rich overnight, the craving for getting everything done at once is a common phenomenon. The thrust of newer models of their electric gadgets is unquenchable. They form lines before the Apple store and other such outlets to get a newer phone before anyone else gets to it.

No one believes in seasoning anymore. We want the most important life-saving drugs like vaccines here and now, without waiting for test trials. Such hurriedness is the main source of impatience, short tempers, stress, anxiety, insobriety, insomnia, etc. The people of today don’t speak to the person sitting next to them while they are glued to their phones to get more likes on their social media posts. They play football online sitting on a chair. They are trying to bury themselves in the grave of virtual reality in pursuit of their escape from the actual reality.

“Virtual reality is a self-created form of chosen reality. Therefore it exists.”

Joan Lowery Nixon

In short, scientific progress has served humans in a lot of ways. It also has changed their lifestyle manifold. We must keep a balance between the comforts of progress and the stresses and burdens of modern society. All of us can desire to have elite homes, private jets, luxury yachts, and sports cars but cannot have them. In pursuit of such life, we should not become the fuel of the industrialized and advanced world. Everyone deserves to live in it with all human rights. Everyone has a right to the basic needs of life. A great society must provide that atmosphere. Maybe on our journey to take over the galaxies, we can stop and overcome the issues that plague our world.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”




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