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Once you bend a knee in reverence any object can become a deity. If you sit under a bush with devotion, it would begin to appear as a tree of life. Meditation can shed light in a dark cave. Death can walk through a locked castle. Worship can fly through the skies. Knowledge can reach the deaf and mute. Brightness can find the blind and love can find a heart. 

A drop of water can dig hole in a hill. A man can land on the moon. But nothing can reverse death. Still man’s titanic efforts to overcome illnesses are continuous. It even has goals to conquer death and make it possible for the dead to live again, although with meager results. But the struggle is ongoing. 

It is the effort that turns unfeasible to feasible. Effort achieves the impossible and performs the wonders. It opens the shut doors and brings down the skyward walls. It makes paths on hills and builds bridges on rivers. Effort awards sailors like Columbus new worlds. Conquered continents to pronounce Alexander, ‘the great.’ Effort carves Noah the Ark of survival, builds the fortification wall for Qin Shi Haung, it rewards a desert leader Umar with a caliphate, and it prizes Imhotep pyramids. 

It takes an enormous struggle to learn a skill and master it. So does sports. Golf however is a game that’s learnt in the mind first. It takes years to play it well. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to grasp its prowess. Most of us play golf just for the ambiance, exercise and entertainment without a desire of mastery. Still it is a considerable undertaking to go through each round. In most sports, players’ achievement is tabulated and preserved as the match progresses. Like in cricket if you score 89 and get out on the next ball your score could not be altered. Same goes for goals in football. On the other hand, in golf your steady performance can be ruined with a slight mess up in one or two holes. In other games you play against or with others but golf you play against yourself. 

‘Golf is the only sport where you can practice every day for six months and not get any better.” Larry David 

Golf is a continuous contest of creating control and command over the clubs and course. You keep kindling to execute and enforce the effective swing as long as you play. The effort is endless, so is the pursuit. 

The gap to do more persists growing on and on to a span of lifetime. Swings change with age along with many other things. Diligence is the only way forward, no matter what you do, playing golf or leading a life. Working laboriously is an option and victory is a chance. The universal fact is that only those who attempt, succeed. 

Good luck with your efforts in anything you are trying to achieve. 


Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, author, blogger, entrepreneur, wanderer.



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1 Comment

Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
May 24, 2020

Effortlessly written blog...Effort necessarily implies need/ requirement.All life is nothing but an effort to get back to our lost paradise.Some rules however have been stipulated in this connection.Effort is very dear to Creator....where wife of Hazrat Ibrahim made effort the site n style has been admired and made an eternal ritual.

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