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Drowsy Dawns

Of course! nothing beats sleeping through the morning. That’s the dreamiest part of the whole slumber. On the other hand being awake at dawn is much more satisfying. The first shot as the sunlight demarks the horizon is even more enchanting. What a beautiful spot on the canvas of the day, the dawn is? The disappearing darkness, drowsy dawn, and sleepy sparrows. The fresh golfer, even fresher ball and cold grip of the one wood. The wet tee box, watery fairway and the dewed greens. Crunchy sound and prints of the footsteps of the forwarding flight stay behind, breaking the peace of the pious morning.

Walking on the dreaming grass and disturbing the snoring roughs. Knocking at the yawning trees and shaking the resting leaves. Teaching the stertoring birds to chirp and guiding the sun to rise. Teeing off with the light ball and waking the reptile with the sound of a driver strike. This is called, “morning with golf.”

Hundreds of times I have seen the sunrise at many beautiful courses? Each time it is a new sight and fresher scene, a unique look and a brighter vision. Each time it gives birth to a newer prayer, a fresher hope, a unique satisfaction and a brighter fulfillment. Morning is a time when life renews itself and reconditions the living. It is unexplainable how everything awakens to celebrate the arrival of the first rays of the infant sun. One can hear the holy rhymes of birds and pretty sprout of the leaves at this particular time.

Dawn leaves nothing unchanged, as if a new morning is the new birth of the whole planet. Time itself may be a chorus of the dancing stars or it can merely be a whirl of our little blue planet, like a Turkish Dervish.

Our hearts instead witness a new pat on the earth’s shoulder at each dawn. Mornings are gestures of encouragement by the universe to inspire our small planet. And dewdrops are a sign of the sky's satisfaction with its dwellers.

Only the lucky wake up at dawn and the luckier walk on the fairways covered with dew. I can suspect that the residents of the skies do extend their special attention to the awakened inhabitants of the earth at dawn.

This morning a crew of four took off from the tee one at PAF Skyview GCC. The wind was chilly and the grass was wet. Our steps left marks on the dewed fairway recording our activity there. It was clearly written on the ground how far each of us hit our drivers. Our push carts also left their lines along with our footsteps. What a messy cum mesmerizing scene it was.

Yes we left sings, divots, sand, and broken tees along with our lost and drowned balls on the course. Of course we are humans, earth shakes with the power of our mobility. Our caterpillars, Boeing’s, fighter jets, tanks, trains and ships. Our airports, freeways, seaports, and skyscrapers. Are all marks of human might on the face of this planet. And now our voyagers, rovers and remote controlled helicopters are announcing our arrival on the stars beyond ours. The moon. Mars and far beyond.

I was wondering what a wonderful being we humans are? We make changes wherever we go. We are fond of amendments, improvements, development and progress. In the eyes of other species we may be polluters and intruders in the matter of nature. Instead no nature is complete without us. We are an integral part of nature and more. We only need to learn to clean our debri and dirt. In order to keep on traveling in civilized manners to maintain the status of being multiplanetary species. That we have almost become.

Keep waking up early to welcome the beautiful mornings wherever you’re across the universe or beyond. Since we can only be awake till a certain time. This luxury is not eternal at all.

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you. Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”




Suleman Rehman (painter)

PAF Skyview Golf & Country Club



Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer, Rebel.



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