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Golf balls illustrate artistic dimples that place them on the highest pedestals of beauty. There are golf balls of many colors but none beats the original white. The perfection with which it moves causes anyone to appreciate the physics behind it. But the story of dimples enters our lives much before our introduction to golf balls. Most of the babyfaces have dimples. Most get filled soon while a few do hold on to their dimples till age wrinkles their plump cheeks. What cheeks are more attractive than the ones with beautiful natural indentation, one carved by God Himself.

The aura of dimple faces makes inlets in hearts and makes the skin hair rise. It floats charm and represents innocence. Many amorists fall in love and get lost in the universe of splendor behind those pretty pits. Oceans of irresistibility dwell in the depths of that divot on cheeks.

“Don’t you know yet? It’s your light that lights the world.”


The beauty maintains its awe in joy and in despair. Sadness sometimes stimulates it even more. Those who have seen tears traveling through those clefts can tell you the piercing power of that little drop and dent. I pray no cheeks, with or without dimples, ever see saltish drains. Only smiles suit the symmetry of that seamless surface.

Dimples on golf balls and divots on the fairways help in the execution of beautiful shots. A smile further signifies dimples on an already adorable face. In the game of golf, bad shots are as frequent as good ones. Despite this, the game goes on, with divots and with shanks. Bunkers, roughs, and water hazards are made on the course to add challenges to the game. So are the bodies of human beings. What is a bigger challenge than performing before the miraculous beauty that nature created in the human body?

One appreciates beauty wherever one goes. Whether it is on golf fields or in a museum, beauty exists everywhere. But the beautiful should stay humble and the amorist must remain decent. The beauty that intends to seduce and the lover who longs to sin are both the fuel of the inferno also known as hell.

A human being sins, Adam repents and God forgives. We cannot keep odometers in the human brain neither can we install a tracker in it. Self-control is the only method that promotes balance. We can only teach juniors what is good and bad for them and for society as a whole. Unfortunately our performance there is not up to the mark. There will always be perfect balls, mesmerizing dimples, and dazzling beauty. What matters the most how we receive and treat them.

“The real sin against life is to abuse and destroy beauty, even one’s own.”

Katherine Anne Porter






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