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Birdies, Bogeys and Bunkers

Updated: May 11, 2021

In the name of golf, I solemnly admit that I have cheated myself in recording my scores on the Golfshot app repeatedly. Despite such efforts, my handicap and my average score prefers to cling to the roof.

This wonderful game is really made for wonders. My bunker shots usually insist on keeping the ball sandy. In case the ball leaves the green side bunker, it would wander like a zombie, leaving me with a long face and a wounded spirit. I am unable to discover why it often chooses strange directions. On top of that, caddies always have a handy blame to paste on my forehead: “It’s a look up.”, “You lost balance.”, “Complete your follow through.”, etc. The usual slogans all caddies use. If I ever quit golf, look ups would be the reason.

Still, I engaged with my caddy every time I played the game. It makes no difference who is the culprit caddie, lie or myself, the onus stays on me. Of course with few exceptions. I start playing golf with overflowing zeal, and return home with a refreshed promise to win next time. There are some days when I defeat my crew, and that’s when they reach the worst of their spells. The other day, my fellow golfer unfurled on the 7th hole. Yet, I was insistent to lose that hole, so I followed him all the way to the 8th shot on a par five. But he refused to provide me the opportunity, and my ball eventually revolted into the hole. Whereas, he finished it in ten. No one can doubt my sincerity. I did my best.

It’s a fact that I am a good golfer. My determination is beyond question, and my devotion to the cause is unmatched. I have quashed, time and again, most golfers who claimed to be better than me. My career in golf includes invalidating some renowned pros on many auspicious occasions. In real sense, their lack of concentration led to their downfall. All of them blamed the quality of my narration for that. Well, everything is fair in love and war.

Not all weapons sit in the arsenal. The deadliest lurk in the fighter’s mind. Yes, strategy can make a wood piece work like a gun. And deceit works for those who don’t make it a habit. There is no bigger deception than secrecy. Nothing hits more than an unexpected blow. Mighty empires fall in slumber, and forts crumble to Trojan horses.

Those who don’t learn historical lessons become the decoration of dustbins. Those who let opportunity slip through their hands live in the lap of despair. Those who grab the moment from its horns change their fate. A lion is a dog without nails and teeth, a soldier is worthless without courage and belief, and a golfer is a walker without patience and passion.

The great game of golf works in chapters like a suspense novel. One flip of the page horrifies, and the other makes the reader smile. In the same manner golf shots surprise a golfer. Hissing horripilation, dens of despair, and the jogs of jubilation are regular features of this game. What matters the most is to get out there and play.

“On what is fear: non acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept that uncertainty, it becomes an adventure.”





Lahore Garrison GCC.


Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer, photographer, Rebel.



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