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Behind The Silence

Silence is pre-existent and eternal, all sounds are temporary and eventually end up dead. Silence is the language of the universe and the painting of eternity. It engulfs everything and speaks through time. It respects the light and loves the night. It articulates itself through flowers and smiles via fragrance, moves with colors and lives among stars. It’s a mischief of the eyes and the sparkle of the brain. It is a friend of the fairies and companion of lovers.

The more we hear, the more we learn. We have all heard the famous quote, “think before you speak.” I assume it means that in case you don’t have something meaningful to say, keep quiet and do not disturb the sanctity of silence. The ones who have actual knowledge say nothing and people with no clue usually yell. A beautiful face is a silent announcement of the creator's artistry. A blooming flower is the designer’s claim of noise free engineering. Greatness speaks through produce and wisdom answers by calmness.

Silence is omnipresent and sound is sporadic. The loudest shouts, sharpest screams, biggest bangs, and mightiest movements merely break silence briefly. Silence is the ultimate reality of the utmost. It is the song of maturity and poem of the wise. Silently; saints worship, writers create, poets compose, diplomats abstain, politicians avoid, bureaucrats rule, and husbands survive. Quietly, sinners transgress, thieves steal, killers poison, and prisoners suffer.

Philosophers explore unique cognition, scientists discover new realities and lovers find more angles of admiration in quietude.

There are restrictions on thoughts and speech censorship in certain societies. Citizens have to opt silence in observation to the law of the land. Keeping quiet against our will is more than a punishment. Protests in many cases are made in silence. In some cases people choose to shut themselves up. Otherwise they keep quite involuntarily. One should always avoid silent curses. They bring downfalls of the mighty empires and gigantic oppressors. Silence should not be perceived as weakness. The wise make their moves quietly.

Behind the veil of quietness hide volumes of tales and worlds of secrets. It holds oceans of quarrels and hurricanes of hatred. It dams floods of greed and storms of desires. It barricades wishfulness and it breeds patience. It offers peace and gives tranquility.

Silence is a virtue that can spare us from troubles. We should know when to break silence with proper words at appropriate times. Silence protects us from revealing our weakness. I would say silence carries so much of what is unknown to us. We must be able to comprehend that before we make a move.

I would like to rest my case in the words of Bertrand Russell,

“Everybody should be quiet near a little stream and listen.”





Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, Poet, Wanderer



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