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Beginning of Birth

‘A pretty little fairy climbing up the stem

I asked, “which one is the prettiest?”

She replied, 

“All of them!”’

Zaria I. Jamil

I am present at an orb where the orchards crave for clouds and roofs desire drops. Soil longs for thunders and deserts lust for wind. Oceans blurt storms and glaciers aspire heat. Mountains look for nimbostratus and rivers anticipate streams. The seed wishes to imbibe and buds dream for the spread of sepals. Wasps await blossom and sparrows chirp for grain. 

Why? For continuity, for reproduction, to give birth and to keep life alive. This process prevails from the moment it all begins to the time it ends. Yes, birth and the produced, both are enchanting; the first marks the end of a process, and the second is the beginning of another. 

Scientists claim the Big Bang is the beginning of existence and theists pronounce it as an end of nothingness. Imagine the grandeur of its happening. Fireworks seem like a model replica of that. I could imagine the vast and black desolations turning to glitter at once. The caravan of the milky ways are a glimpse of the beginning of the universes. Appearance and disappearance of light is evidence of the start of time. 

Visualize the breathtaking captivity of the place where the first human was conceived. The creator’s magnum opus to come up with the idea of a female to guarantee continuity of existence. The heavens and galaxies must have stood still to marvel at the mindful and miraculous creation. 

How can anyone pen the magnificence of genesis? The patter of tiny feet is evidence of the formation which begins with the Big Bang and continues to this day. And nature allows it to carry on. 

“A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.” Carl Sandburg

Time permanently delivers a fresh second, without disruption. Life renews itself through new births. Planets reiterate existence in every cycle. Stars refresh the skies with new twinkles and the sun continues to provide warmth.

Many questions come to mind regarding this subject. What is this fuss all about? Is it creation? What causes birth? What is the reason for life? Is the Big Bang an explosive scatter or it is a purposeful rhythmic collection of stars? Is it time that organizes the universe engineered by the big blast? Or does gravity attract the objects together? What is gravity? Is gravity love? It seems like that to me. My loved ones and I do carry a mutual pull. I float towards my darling unconditionally. I drift to golf each morning. I feel dragged to the things I love. Is it all in one or is it one in all? Is it a start or is it a finish? Is it moving or is it still? The confusion twists me between singularity and regularity. It is neither my expertise nor my domain to answer these questions but I have all the rights to ask them. 

The organization and continuation of all objects living or lifeless announce the presence of a system. Everything seems like a coordinated sequence. Each dawn is a rotation of harmony between a star, a planet and a moon. Their turn brings a new morning and every circle brings change in weathers that grow fresh crops. Insects vie for blossom to pollinate. Bees reach for flowers to slurp nectar, and in return they give plants their progeny. 

“Beggars provide us with opportunities to become a benefactor.” 

Wasif Ali Wasif

Yes, all of it has a great symmetry. It has decorum and decoration. It shines and it sparkles. It is silent but it’s hearing. It’s moving but doesn’t vibrate. It’s blind but it understands. It is all in one and it is one in all. It seems to be the work of an artist, a creator or a lover. I live on a wonderful planet. 

The Little Plant

“In the heart of a seed,

Buried deep, so deep,

A dear little plant,

Lay fast asleep.

‘Wake,’ said the sunshine,

‘And creep to the  light’

‘Wake,’ said the voice

 Of the rain-drops, bright.

The little plant heard,

And rise to see

What a wonderful 

Outside world might be.”

Kate L. Brown


Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, author, entrepreneur, blogger, poet, wanderer 


The Plant Baby and It’s Friends

Kate. L Brown



What is singularity?

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Nadeem Khan
Nadeem Khan
May 26, 2020

Let me admit that i do not have the kind of vocabulary through which i could appropriately and justifiably offer my comments on this blog. No words.


Amanullah Khan
Amanullah Khan
May 25, 2020

Who is using his time in best manner? Who has been trying to transcend his own self? Who has been inspiring person? None but GG....(great Golfer).... Creator of this blog. Questions like gravity... singularity... rhythmic continuity..all deserve attention...these are ultimately singular.....He is n Time vanish at a. Point in Blackhole....It is for such synthetic synchronization that Ibne Arabi concluded....Hama oo ast.

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