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While I began to write on a golf tour to the textile capital of Pakistan, Faisalabad; my chauffeur’s phone rang and the tune of a folk song broke the silence in our SUV. That was his ringtone. It touched my heart. I asked him to play that song in the car via Bluetooth and YouTube. 

The lyrics of Mian Mohammed Buksh a renowned Sufi poet, were sung by Sami Kanwal. It was thought provoking and soulful. I will quote here a few stanzas that immediately took me to the higher ecolan of imagination. Medieval wisdom was based upon the belief in divinity and its strong presence. They firmly believed in their transient existence, the brief visit to this world on the wings of life. They believed in certainty of the life hereafter that includes post death rewards and accountability of lifetime deeds. They had fervent faith in the creator and his (authority) almightiness. Like our generation, they were not examining their faith in scientific labs. 

The lyrics in this song are giving a message to lovers. A message of ultimate love. 

What is the big deal if you fall for a cute face,

Imagine the beauty of its creator and fall in love with that artist.”

-Mian Mohammad Buksh

I consider that to be profound. Yes we get lost in the awe of apparent beauty and never dig into the details. Some creations are so breathtaking that they absorb us within their trance while some are intoxicatingly awesome others are frightfully tizzy. Each creation speaks volumes of the class of artistry and craftsmanship of its conceiver. 

A number of ingredients of utmost marvels were added to the creation of humans. From carbon to a cell to emiba to fetus to infant to baby to adolescent to young to middle age to old how much it takes to shape and grow a human being. What can be better use of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, magnesium and carbon than making a human being. These are the essential elements for life but the story doesn’t end here. This is just a body part of the human being. Where does the intelligence part come from? How cognition works? Do we think in the mind only or does the whole body contribute to the thinking process? Is thinking like weaving or is it like knitting? Is it a race of neurons or a web of nerves? Is it an internal matter of the body & mind or are there external forces involved? Is there a human soul? If so, what is it?  

On a ride at motorway I cannot explore or answer all these questions but I certainly have the curiosity to think about them. 




Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Author, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Poet, Wanderer 



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Iftikhar Ahmed Iffat
Iftikhar Ahmed Iffat
Sep 11, 2020

Its awesome


Iftikhar Ahmed Iffat
Iftikhar Ahmed Iffat
Sep 11, 2020

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