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Autumn Golf in New York

“Inside of us, there’s a continual autumn. Our leaves fall and are blown out over the water.”


As the vibrant kaleidoscope of October hues envelops New York City, a different kind of enchantment unfurls on its golf courses. Here, amidst skyscrapers, the ebb and flow of urban life, fall bestows a transcendental canvas that beckons the soulful golfer.

Imagine standing on the tee, the backdrop awash with the amber, ochre, and scarlet tapestry of deciduous trees. The crisp air carries whispers of past legends, each swing an echo of a timeless dance between human, ball, and nature. In this city of perpetual motion, autumn's leisurely pace becomes a siren song, inviting all to partake in the ritualistic cadence of the game.

Golf, inherently poetic, finds its muse in the NYC autumn. The contrast is surreal: glittering steel edifices juxtaposed against sprawling greens burnished with the golds and auburns of the season. Each stroke becomes an artwork, the ball’s trajectory mimicking the falling leaves, both tracing arcs of beauty and impermanence.

Golf courses such as Dyker Beach or Van Cortlandt Park don the fall attire with aplomb. The once lush fairways, now speckled with autumnal confetti, set a stage for a performance where golfers, inspired by their surroundings, seek to craft their own masterpieces.

And then there's Central Park. Though not a golf course, its meadows and paths in autumn are reminiscent of the Scottish links. One can't help but muse how a chip shot would feel amidst the golden canopy or how a putt might roll on the velvety blankets of fallen leaves.

But beyond the visual tapestry, the sounds of autumn golf in NYC are equally mesmerizing. The muted thud of the club meeting the ball, the rustle of leaves underfoot, and the gentle hum of the city in the distance create a symphony, a harmonious blend of nature and metropolis.

As days shorten and shadows stretch, golf in the city's embrace takes on a magical quality. The ethereal glow of the setting sun casts long silhouettes, the skyline bathed in soft pastels, making the golfer's journey from tee to green feel like a dreamlike odyssey.

Golf in NYC during the fall is not merely a game. It's an artistic sojourn, a celebration of the ephemeral beauty of life. As leaves descend and seasons change, it serves as a poignant reminder to cherish every swing, every moment, in the ever-changing tableau of time.


Trump Golf Links Ferry Point.

Skyway Golf Course.



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