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Golf is a great game, a wonderful ritual, and an excellent way to lead an active life. It is played in a series of beautiful gardens, in an immaculate ambiance, in sophisticated attire and with marvelous gear. However, a golfer sporadically encounters uneven roughs and unexpected injuries.

Today after the round, I proceeded towards the shoe cleaning platform to blow away grass & dust off my shoes and ankles. I had been avoiding going there ever since COVID-19 broke out. I reluctantly got there anyway. I twisted my right foot while I was cleaning my left one with an air hose, lost balance on the cleaning platform, and fell there like a dry leaf. All of a sudden a 200 lb golfer was a sack of meat, flat on buttocks with feet towards the sky and palms on the ground. That was a swing I never intended and a body turn I wouldn’t encourage any golfer to take. Now I know what a golf ball feels when it falls on a pavement. Why it protestently bounces to hide at the most unexpected places. It wants to sooth its bruises before it falls back in the hands of golfers. I, on the other hand, could not bounce back.

My fellow golfers rushed to lift me back on my feet. In order to hide the embarrassment I tried to camouflage my pain in laughter and jokes. Deep down I knew my golfing days were over for some time, because I am an experienced ankle twister. This ritual began during my trip to London in 2016. Next time I twisted on stairs at home in 2018. I remember twisting again the same foot in Willowdale golf club Scarborough, Maine in 2019. It usually takes 2- 4 weeks to heal. Luckily, this time I dodged a fracture and should not take that long to recover. We only fall when we do not watch our steps. When we trudge carefree and plod without caution. When our mind walks elsewhere and eyes wander away.

“Birds fall and falling they are given wings.”


Sportsmen fall in games and get up to run again. Whether it be a game of life or a sport, all those who play will fall at some point. It is getting up from a fall that matters. No one became a hero without falls and comebacks. Tiger Woods is a great example. Imran khan is another. Politicians fall in one election and get up in the next. Business men get bruised and recover. The path to the corridors in the castle of success goes through the streets of struggle that no one passes without fallings and failings.

There are many types of falls. Some holy, a few unholy, and others neutral. Parents of humanity fell from the heavens. Blessings fall on the fortunate. Rain falls to nourish. Falling stars decorate the dark sky. Love falls on the heart and lucky falls in love. Smile falls on some lips. Tears fall on cheeks. Prayer falls on palms. Leaves fall from a tree. Fallen seeds grow into a jungle. The bee falls on a flower. The river falls in a sea. Supposedly, a falling apple revealed the law of gravity to Newton.

Shower falls on the tired and the ball falls in the hand of the catcher.

Lucifer fell from grace. Kings fall from thrones. Sky falls on the unfortunate. Pity falls on helpless. Tyrant falls on the weak. Drunken falls on his face and a cheater falls on his knees. Cries of despair fall on deaf ears and sighs of innocence fall in the lap of justice. Who can tell who will fall into what next. Is it destined or is it coincidence?

We may fall in life but we must attempt to stand again. Believe me, the journey from ‘fall’ to ‘rise’ is one that few of us make and those who do so stand taller.

I will rise and shine again on the golf course in a few days. Initially on a golf cart or maybe in the arms of the practice range.





Ahsan Jamil

Golfer, Author, Poet, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Wanderer


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